9 Popular Blade Shapes and What They're Used For

9 Popular Blade Shapes and What They're Used For

Blade shapes are more than just visually appealing, they also play a big part in the functionality and strengths of the knife. We believe in helping our readers find the right knife for the job, so we will go over some of the most common blade shapes today and discuss the intended functions of each of them!
The 8 Biggest Mistakes in Knife Maintenance (and What to Do About Them)

The 8 Biggest Mistakes in Knife Maintenance (and What to Do About Them)

Like any other tool, knives need maintenance to keep them running at peak performance. Unfortunately, many knife owners make mistakes when it comes to maintenance, but fortunately, KPL is here to help! Today we will discuss some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions when it comes to knife maintenance, and provide some helpful tips to keep your cutting tools safe and ready to work when you need them!
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Are Balisongs Legal? 7 Reasons why Butterfly Knives are Illegal (in Some Places)

Butterfly knives have long had a negative stigma associated with them, which has led many to assume that they're illegal in most of the world. The reality is that they're perfectly legal in most places in the US, and are a great choice for an EDC with unlimited fidget potential!
Top Aftermarket Knife Accessories

Top Aftermarket Knife Accessories

If You are reading this there is a very good chance that you love knives as much as I do. Having a great knife (or 20) available to help you through your daily tasks, outdoor adventures, or work day is a great feeling! What makes a great knife better? Some awesome accessories of course! In this article, we will discuss some exceptional accessories ranging from cosmetic upgrades to valuable maintenance tools!
The Pros and Cons of High-Carbon Steel

The Pros and Cons of High-Carbon Steel

Although there are several advantages to high-carbon steels, there are two sides to every coin. Here we'll take a look at some of the pros and cons of high-carbon steel, as well as some tips and tricks to helping you maintain your high-carbon blades.

BRS Alpha Beast balisong with a box of band-aids

11 Ways to Flip a Balisong Without Getting Cut

If you want to flip live blade butterfly knives there's simply no way to avoid getting cut. There are several ways to mitigate risk though, and decrease the frequency of injuries. Here we'll take a look at 11 different ways to flip a balisong without getting cut.

Fixing an Off-Center Knife Blade


We all crave the perfect knife. It fits our hand perfectly, with a blade crafted from the perfect steel - it has been sharpened to hair-whittling perfection, and HOPEFULLY the blade is perfectly centered between the handle scales!

Unfortunately, even some of the best knife manufacturers still struggle to center knife blades between scales on every knife that comes off the assembly line.

Off-centered blades primarily result from slight blade warping due to internal stresses developed during heat treatment and tempering. Occasionally blades close off-center due to warped liners or handle scales.

Here's what a poorly centered blade looks like:

knife blade off centered

Fortunately, in some cases an off centered blade can be fixed with a quick partial disassembly and tweaking.

Our method works best on pocketknives with composite scales (G-10, Carbon Fiber, Micarta, etc.) We've had less luck centering blades in titanium-hadled knives.

Let's get started! 

What you'll need:

  1. Wiha Torx Drivers
  2. Medium-Strength Threadlocker
  3. Knife Pivot Lube

First you will want to loosen each of the screws holding the knife together.  Start by slightly loosening the pivot screws, followed by each screw holding the body of the knife together. 

Don't remove any screws fully, just loosen them a turn or two.

loosen body screws re-center knife blade

Now fold a small piece of notebook paper in half 4-6 times to create a small wedge-shaped shim we can cram into the space between the blade and handles to counteract the off-centeredness of the blade.


 wedge blade to side center blade pocketknife

Ideally this should be a very tight fit, and you should be dramatically pinning the blade tip to the side opposite where it was originally.

Next comes the slightly tricky part of this method.  Using all the strength you have in one of your hands, put a bit of flex into the entire body of the knife, again in the direction that would tend to counter the off-centeredness of the blade point. A millimeter or two will do - just give it whatever you've got!

bend knife off-centered blade

While you have the knife body flexed slightly, and using the table to assist you, begin tightening body screws firmly. We really want to lock-in the flex we've put into the knife body, so tighten each body screw firmly (without damaging it). Adding a small drop of threadlocker to each screw helps it hold over the long term.

 tighten body screws off-centered blade

Once all the body screws are tightened down securely, remove the paper wedge and carefully adjust the pivot screw to allow the blade to close smoothly without side-to-side play.

Adding high quality Knife Pivot Lube really helps get things moving smoothly while also maintaining a wiggle-free pivot.

kpl pivot adjustment side-to-side play

Assuming things went well, your knife's point should be closer to the center after this adjustment!

off center blade fixed

July 25, 2022 — KPL Ry
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The 8 Most Important Balisong Tricks

There are literally an infinite number of ways to flip open a butterfly knife. Although this is what makes balisongs so much fun, it can also be overwhelming. Here’s a list of the 8 most important balisong tricks to have in your repertoire - the most important to get started and build confidence, most important to develop and maintain good technique, and the most important to earn you good cred within the flipping community.

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June 13, 2022 — Bark Handle