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Why people love KPL

“Surprised a little.”
I collect many folding knives, new and vintage, and keep them well maintained. Bought this just to see if it was any better than the Hoppe's and CLP oil I have been using. Just wow. Knives that worked flawlessly, work even better. Knives that were less expensive now work as well as my high end folders. The ones that never fully responded to my TLC are so much better. Long story short, spend the money and use this product.
— Louis Usefof — February 4, 2020
“You need this.”
If you collect and regularly use flip or auto knives, you may be accustomed to an obligatory break in period for many new knives — not all. Well, this is just the ticket to loosen up the mechanisms. The highly refined pivot lube comes out through a needle thin dispensing tube which gives you great control of the drop flow and makes for precise spot application. And that’s it. To think I used to mess around with machine oil cans and toothpicks trying to accomplish the same task seems like a bad joke now that I’ve had the chance to use KPL.
— Dennis Avery — February 4, 2020
“This oil is the best by a long shot.”
I have tried oil knife oils before, but this one is better in every way. The oil is the longest lasting that I have ever used, I put just three drops on my main EDC knife (Benchmade Osborn) and I could tell a major difference right away with how snappy and smooth it operated, after working the knife with heavy use every day for two months I just know put one small drop on my knife simply because I accidentally dropped it in sand and took the knife apart to clean it before the sand did any major damage. If I would not have had the sand problem I think I would only need a drop or two every 6 months or so. Fantastic!!!
— Cody — August 24, 2021
“Super high quality, amazing oil for auto openers.”
Super great oil. Purchased for some auto benchmades. Didn’t have to disassemble the springs, simply added the oil and opened and closed, then let the knife stand and allowed gravity to do its thing with the oil. This is the first oil I’ve ever purchased and spent a long time (a ridiculous amount of time over many weeks, for some reason) reading about knife oils. Cannot recommend this perfectly priced for its size and quality knife oil. Thanks a lot.
— M5 — July 10 2021
“Does what it says.”
I just bought a Benchmade Phaeton (OTF) and it was gritty and tough to work the switch, to the point that my thumb actually started to hurt after a couple days. One drop of KPL on either side of the switch and either side of the open blade and it's smooth and silky. 5/5, don't sleep on this $15 miracle.
— Thor Nielssen — July 6, 2021
Absolutely the best knife pivot lube over ever used period. Knife flies open now. This stuff is better than anything else on market.
— Thomas W — June 13, 2021
“Made oil knives better than new.”
I have always just cleaned my pocket knives with a little dish soap and water then dried. As I started getting into higher end knives I learned of Nano oil and KPL which seem to be the best options for knife specific lube. I went with the KPL since you get twice as much for the money and still great reviews. This product deserves the 5 stars that it has! I cleaned all my knives with high % alcohol then blew them dry with compressor. I then added 2-4 drops in each knife and wow they move better than new! My older knives were a bigger difference since they have had more pocket time probably. This stuff is a great deal considering how little needs to be applied, it will last me years. If you are a knife person, don't think and just buy.
— Toasty — April 16, 2021
“This stuff is amazing, better than anything I've ever used for knife pivots.”
I've tried shooter's lube, shooter's choice, ballistol, super lube, various CLPs and nano oils... nothing I've tried makes a knife operate smoother and faster than KPL. I do a ton of sharpening (small side hobby moreso than a business), and often I clean up/lube knives for my friends/customers. I've had multiple people ask me how I got their knife to open so well and the answer is always KPL!
— Daniel Horne — April 2, 2021

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KPL is the most-used knife-specific lubricant on the market today. Our product has been used on every knife type and style worldwide and is the top choice of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Your knife is in good hands with KPL!