Vibratite Medium Strength Threadlocker - Large Blue 10ml


KPL's most recommended threadlocker.  We find that Vibratite cures more quickly and more reliably than competing brands.  This huge 10ml tube of Vibratite Premium threadlocker will last you nearly forever.

Vibratite threadlocker is an anaerobic, medium-strength removable threadlocker.  To use, simply apply a small drop to each screw, fasten screw to appropriate torque, and allow to cure.

Vibratite Blue Medium prevents screws from working loose under shock, vibration, movement, and incidental friction.  Keep your pivot screws set to perfect tension and avoid losing fasteners on your pocketknife.

Vibratite won't cure prior to fastener being tightened!  It's chemical composition causes it to cure only when oxygen is excluded prevented from contacting the liquid, such as in by the male/female threads of a fastener.


122 Medium Blue

How to Use

Apply small drop to screw before insertion. Secure screw and allow to cure for several hours.


Anaerobic Threadlocker
Temporary adhesive keeps screws in place

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