ULTIMATE Microfiber Cloth - Selvyt MF


There’s a reason companies like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Ray-Ban and Olamic Cuterly use Selvyt cloths for handling, cleaning, and polishing the world’s finest products.

Selvyt “MF” microfiber cloths are made from a synthetic polymer that is forced through microscopic spinnerets to create micron-scale fibers that are then woven into an extremely dense, gentle, and hard wearing fabric.  

The raw fabric is then imprinted and gently combed to raise a self-renewing plush cleaning surface. Selvyt’s MF cloths are abrasive free, meaning they won’t scratch or remove surface finish or patina.

Selvyt cloths are far superior to standard disposable microfiber cloths and even to chamois leather.  When the cloth gets dirty simply wash it by hand with a simple dish soap, rinse fully, and wring dry.  Selvyt’s claim-to-fame is that their cloths get better with every use due to the renewing quality of the upper plush layer of the fabric.

Use the cloth anywhere a fine polish, cleaning, or wipe is needed to remove fingerprints, dust, smudges or marks. 


• Size: Very Large - 14 inches square
• Type: Synthetic Microfiber
• Dimensions: 2” x 3” x .75”
• Care: Hand wash dish soap, rinse well

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