We are coming to the end of the year and it’s time to discuss some of the best Pocket Knives available in 2022! Some of these knives are new and others are updated versions of time-tested favorites.

No matter what, the knives on this list will make a great addition to any knife enthusiast's collection. The best knives need some of the best knife accessories be sure to check out this article for that list!

Friction Folders

The knife community has shown a great resurgence of interest in the worlds original folding knife design - the friction folder! These knives have a simple design and operation that essentially can’t break down on you, making them popular among hard users and outdoors people.

Woods Monkey Banana Peel

Woods Monkey Banana Peel


The Banana Peel is a funky knife that sort of looks like a banana when it's in the closed position. This unique design is made even more fun because it is made to be modular, with the ability to quickly change out handle scales or blades to suit your tastes or needs!

These are all made by LT Wright Handcrafted Knives, who are well known for making some of the best outdoor knives in the business. With so many customization options and serious outdoor chops, this is a solid choice for an outdoor folding knife.

ESEE Pinhoti

Esee pinhoti


This full sized friction folder designed by Shane Adams and produced by ESEE knives is another serious outdoor tool. The Pinhoti features a 3.25 inch scandi ground 1095 blade, brown micarta handles, and comes with a leather belt sheath.

This blade is all business ready to accompany you hiking, camping, or any other wilderness adventure you can think of. ESEE is known for making some of the most durable and rugged fixed blades out there, and the Pinhoti continues this tradition of hard use excellence.

Fresh Offerings from Well Known Companies

Many knife makers and companies have been in the game for quite some time, but this doesn't stop them from bringing new fresh concepts to the table for 2022! 

Hinderer Automatic

Hinderer Auto


Fans of Rick Hinderer Knives have long awaited an automatic knife, however manufacturing laws in Ohio would not allow for production. Rick fought tirelessly to change this law, and as soon as he succeeded he got to work on that auto.

He debuted his first automatic this year in the familiar XM-18 pattern. Like everything that comes out of the Hinderer Ranch, the XM-18 Auto is a robust hard-use knife featuring premium handle materials and blade steels. 

Benchmade Mini Adamas

Benchmade Mini Adamas


The Benchmade Adamas has long been a fan favorite hard use folding knife, but was too large for many people to reasonably EDC. The Mini Adamas solved that problem while still maintaining a relatively large and robust package.

The Mini Adamas sports a 3.25 inch Cru-Wear blade and G10 handles, with an overall length just above 7.5 inches.  This has quickly become a fan favorite in both the EDC and hard use crowds. 

Demko AD 20.5

Demko AD 20.5


Demko Knives have become one of the most sought after knives in the last few years due to their exceptional design and unique lock features. Being made by a small company and featuring some top notch materials, these knives have also been pretty pricey.

Enter the AD 20.5. Though it's far from being a budget knife, the 20.5 offered the same exceptional design and locking features in a more affordable package.

Buck 110/112 Sport

Buck 112 sport


The Buck 110 and 112 family of knives have been around for a few decades and have seen their fair share of variations, but the new Sport Series successfully modernized the classic design while still maintaining its distinct classic charm.

The handle was produced from black anodized aluminum with green micarta inlays, they added a pocket clip and thumb stud opening, and finished it off with premium S35VN steel. This both looks and feels like a premium version of one of the mostly highly regarded classic folding knives.

New Knives from New Companies

While these companies may not have opened their doors in 2022, they rose to popularity this year with some exceptional knife designs and unique offerings.

Tactile Knives Rockwall


Tactile Knives is a division of Tactile Pens known for premium EDC and Bolt Action Pens. They released the Rockwall this year and it has taken the EDC community by storm.

Everything about the Rockwall says "premium gentleman's knife". This sleek knife features titanium handle scales and a premium Magnacut blade, ceramic bearings and ceramic detent ball. The blade itself is 2.84 inches and the knife has an overall length of 7 inches.

Knafs Lander


Knafs was founded by Ben Peterson and Athena Peterson a few years back with the creation of a knife poster. This soon grew to a few accessories and Ben started doing some knife collaborations with knife companies.

This year Knafs released the Lander. A simple description of this knife would be "a knife by knife enthusiasts for knife enthusiasts".

This budget friendly liner lock comes with a 2.75 inch D2 blade and G10 handles. What makes this knife really cool is the ability to easily remove the handle scales and swap them out for one of the many custom options available for purchase.


Whatever type of knife you carry, you can ensure a prolonged life for your EDC knives by reducing the wear on moving parts with KPL's line of knife lubricants, and keep your blades clean and rust-free with Knife Shield. Use code "BLACKFLAG" at checkout for 10% off your order!

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We are coming to the end of the year and it’s time to discuss some of the best Pocket Knives available in 2022! Some of these knives are new and others are updated versions of time tested fav...
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