There is no “right way” when it comes to everyday carry, what people carry will be influenced by their line of work, hobbies, and personal preferences. These differences make for a robust and diverse EDC community, but it also creates some confusion for people when they are deciding what gear to acquire! To help we have decided to start Knife Pivot Lube EDC Monthly! This series of articles will feature the everyday carry loadout of KPL Team Members, individuals from the community, and industry professionals! By showing what other people carry and why they carry specific items, it is our hope that you will find a style that matches yours and find some great gear that works for you. This month we are featuring Nick Italiano, who is an avid outdoorsman, founder of Black Flag Survival, Black Flag Business Solutions, host of the Raise The Flag Podcast, and writer of the KPL Blog!

Nick’s EDC Style

Focus: Outdoor Utility

Style: Comprehensive

Priority: Function and Reliability

Nick spends a lot of time in the woods of New England testing gear and creating content. When he isn’t in the woods for work, he also enjoys hiking, camping, and foraging with his Cub Scout Troop and family. Spending all that time in the great outdoors has led Nick to selecting EDC tools that can be used for tasks such as wood processing, foraging, and wilderness survival applications while also being compact enough for day to day use around his home and town. Nick’s carry is definitely comprehensive, focusing on having essential function redundancy as well as  emergency items and resources.  When selecting his EDC gear Nick focuses on the function and utility aspects of each item and places high value on reliability and durability, especially in hard use tasks. Today we will be looking at Nick’s Winter EDC. His winter carry style utilizes his parka or coat pockets to carry gear that he normally keeps in a bag in warmer months. 

On Nick’s Body

Nick's on Body EDC consists of items that don't typically end up in his pockets. This gear is either worn or attached to his belt for easy access while working in outdoor environments. 

Knives By Nuge G10 Primitive Wicket XL: The KBN Wicket XL serves as Nick’s primary cutting tool. The 80CRV2 scandi grind blade is ideal for processing wood and cutting tough plant materials. The 90 degree spine can be used for scraping tasks and strikes a ferro rod for fire starting with ease.

Badger Claw Leather Sheath and Dangler: The handmade crazy horse leather sheath and dangler is an ideal way to carry a fixed blade. The dangler allows the blade to sit below a coat's bottom allowing easy access in winter months.

Wazoo Spark Necklace: The Spark is a compact fire starting tool consisting of a ferro rod and zirconia ceramic striker. The striker can also be used for light prying, breaking a car window in an emergency, and can help hone your knife blade in a pinch.

Garmin Instinct 2: The Instinct 2 is a light and durable GPS watch and fitness tracker. The Instinct 2 features excellent battery life, an easy to read monochrome screen, and is impervious to the elements.

Outdoor Element Sparky: The Sparky is a carabiner tool that Nick uses to keep his keys organized and attached to his pants. The Sparky also has a ferro rod attached to it, so it may be used to help get a fire started!

ITS Slimline Pouch (First Aid): The Slimline Pouch houses Nick’s “boo-boo” kit, allowing him to keep his essential first aid supplies attached to his belt or organized in his coat pocket.

In Nick’s Pocket

Nick's pocket carry consists of smaller tools and back-ups for many of his larger on body tools. This is especially important when traveling in an area where it is not socially acceptable to display larger tools.

Woods Monkey Banana Peel: The Banana Peel is a friction folder made by The Woods Monkey, a subset of LT Wright Handmade Knives. The Banana peel comes in a variety of configurations, but they are all built to serve just as well in daily tasks as it does outdoors.

Fenix PD25R: The PD25R is a compact rechargeable pocket sized flashlight that features multiple brightness modes. With a max output of 800 lumens and a beam distance of 820 feet, this light is more than enough for daily tasks and some outdoor activities.

Tuff Possum Pocket Possibles Pouch: This small pouch is made of a stretchy yet durable fabric, it houses a small personal survival kit that Nick can use in an emergency situation while participating in outdoor activities.

PNWBUSHCRAFT EDC Tray Organizer: The EDC Tray Organizer serves double duty as a way to organize a few small pocket tools when carrying as wells being able to convert into a tray that can hold any number of things while traveling or working in the woods. It is handmade from high quality waxed canvas and will last a lifetime.

-Leatherman Sidekick: The Sidekick straddles the line of being a compact and full sized multi-tool. Having a number of essentials including pliers, wire cutters, bit drivers, bottle openers and a saw this tool is great for EDC use and can be very helpful while working outdoors.

-ZWT APB: The All Purpose Bar is on the larger side of pocket pry bars, it is made of solid AEB-L stainless steel and is built to do some serious work.

-Nite Ize Doohickey Ratchet Key Tool: This small pocket multitool allows for quick access to a couple essential tools like a bottle opener, ruler, screw drivers, and light pry bar.

Failsafe Goods Field Wallet: The Field Wallet is a handmade leather wallet that houses all Nick’s cash and cards. In addition to the standard things you would expect a wallet to hold this wallet has space for a few extra tools.

-Skilcraft Aviator Pen and Notebook: The Skillcraft Aviator is an excellent all weather pen/pencil that is ideal for working in outdoor environments. The notebook serves to take notes on foraging locations, jot down writing ideas, or take client notes. 

-Wazoo Fire Card: The Fire Card allows for quick access to easy burning tinder that is especially useful in getting a fire started in wet environments. 

Check out the links below to follow along with Nicks adventures and check out more of his gear.

Black Flag Survival Instagram

Black Flag Survival Website


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There is no “right way” when it comes to everyday carry; what people carry will be influenced by their line of work, hobbies, and personal preferences. These differences...
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