How to Tune Your Balisong Knife

How to Tune Your Balisong

Featured above is the Squid Industries Co Inked Mako V2 in Silver ^

Maybe you’ve had your Balisong for a while and it’s starting to loosen up a bit or maybe you just want that extra bit of performance out of it. Well, this article will help show you the basics of tuning your Balisong!

Step 1: Test Your Balisong

Test how much swing your Balisong has in the handles like in the picture above. Then, check the handle play. The handle play is how much the handles move apart from each other, such as the picture below.


Step 2: Lubricate Your Balisong

Just like in the picture above, apply a small bit of lubricant to each washer or bearing on your Balisong and move it a little to apply the lubricant evenly. This will help make sure your Balisong is able to perform at it’s best, even when tightened and tuned.


Step 3: Tighten and Loosen Your Balisong

After cleaning any old threadlocker on your pivot screws, add fresh threadlocker and put it in your Balisong. Just like it’s shown in the picture above, tighten your Balisong’s pivot screws until the handles cannot swing anymore (unless it is on bushings, if it still swings while fully tightened, that means the bushings are working).

Then, slowly unturn the screw about 1/16th of a turn and test the swing on your handles. Keep doing this carefully in increments until the handles swing properly again. After this, if using Loctite, you should let it set and cure for 24 hours after tuning.

Below shows what your handle play should look like before and after tuning.



Step 4: Maintaining Your Tune

It is recommended that you re-tune your Balisong every two weeks, or when your Balisong gets looser and handle play increases. Regularly lubricating your Balisong also helps keep your Balisong running smoothly. Use Knife Pivot Lube for the best formulated knife lubricant so that you can ensure the best for your knives.


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