KPL Rust Proof Bundle

Everything you need to prevent rust in use and storage one easy combo pack. Shield - KPL Knife...
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Everything you need to prevent rust in use and storage one easy combo pack.

Shield - KPL Knife Shield™ creates a thin film of corrosion suppressing molecules on metal surfaces. From there the formula interferes with the galvanic corrosion process by shifting corrosion potentials to more noble values, disrupting and preventing the dissolution of metal ions that is key to the chemical processes that create rust and patina. 

Cook - Tsubaki (Camellia Oleifera) Oil is an Omega-9-containing natural oil virgin-pressed from the seeds of the oil-seed camellia. Camellia oil is traditionally favored in Japan for preservation of fine tools, swords and cutlery. Camellia is preferred due to its imparting no taste to foods, while also displacing moisture, forming an oxygen barrier and preventing rust and pitting.

Clean - Selvyt “MF” microfiber cloths are made from a synthetic polymer that is forced through microscopic spinnerets to create micron-scale fibers that are then woven into an extremely dense, gentle, and hard wearing fabric that is abrasive free, meaning they won’t scratch or remove surface finish or patina.

Store - Knife Rust Prevention Tabs make your sealed knife storage box into a Rust Free Zone™. Just one tab protects a volume of approximately 0.9 ft³ or a more than 6 gallon container.  Store your knives within about a half a foot of any Plastab and seal the storage container for epic rust prevention for up to 2 years!

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• Material: Polyethylene, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
• Not Toxic, Odorless, Food Safe

What's Included

KPL Knife Shield
KPL Camellia Knife Oil
Selvyt MF Cloth Large
Plastic Knife Storage Rust Prevention Strips


Prevent Rust
Combo Pack includes protection during knife use, storage, display, and cleaning

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