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Product Questions

What makes KPL special?

Made for Knives™  - pocketknives are a unique use case in that they are exposed to tons of harmful contaminants, salts, and abrasive particles on a daily basis.

Smoother than anything on the market - Knife Pivot Lube makes knives feel and operate better instantly.

Incredibly Protective - Knife Pivot Lube prevents abrasive damage to bearings, washers and races, and stops rust and corrosion cold.

Science Based - anyone can dump a random oil in a bottle, throw around some buzzwords, and call the product a knife oil. Knife Pivot Lube takes advantage of the most modern advances in chemistry. Our lube is synthesized from ground-up and blended to incorporate contaminant encapsulation technology, corrosion inhibitors, and wickability modifiers tuned to work perfectly on pocket knives.

What is the weight of KPL?

KPL offers three different lubricants meant to span the range of knife lubricant needs. Our Original Lube (silver) is a 15wt lubricant, indicated for all knife uses.  We also offer an Ultra-Lite Lubricant at 5wt, and a Heavy Lubricant at 75wt.

What is KPL made of?

Our lube is synthesized starting from ultra-pure ethylene gas giving us a controlled, contaminant free product, that is then blended to incorporate contaminant encapsulation technology, corrosion inhibitors, and wickability modifiers designed to make it work perfectly on pocket knives.

Are KPL products food safe?

KPL Knife Shield is not only food-safe, its H1 certified ingredients are safe for use in commercial food production.  KPL Camellia Oil is a food-safe, edible, organic oil suitable for use on knives, pans, and carbon steel cooking implements.  Knife Pivot Lube lubricants (Original, Ultra-Lite, Heavy) do not contain toxic ingredients. Use lubricants sparingly to avoid excessive food contact. KPL Lubricants are not generally hazardous unless they enter the airway/lungs.

What's that amazing smell?

Pocket knives are works of art, they should smell good too!

Does KPL contain any solvents that will dry out over time?

KPL contains no evaporating solvents.  KPL has a stable viscosity and will not "dry out."  KPL also wont oxidize, or "gum up" when left in a knife over an extended period of time.

Is KPL water soluble?

KPL is not water soluble, and contains no water soluble components. For this reason, the washout resistance of KPL lubricants is extremely good.

Is KPL safe for my knife?

KPL is safe for your knife. KPL works on titanium, steel, aluminum, G10, Carbon Fiber, wood, ceramic and steel bearings, nylon, GRP (plastic), phosphor bronze, HDPE and Teflon. We've yet to see a knife KPL is not compatible with.

Can I use KPL on other tools?

We use KPL on fishing reels, guns, automotive tools, and anywhere else we need high quality lubrication. KPL was made just for knives, but it works great just about anywhere.

Can I use Knife Shield on my kitchen knives?

Knife Shield was designed specifically for use on kitchen and other cutlery.  It is non-toxic, food safe, and environmentally friendly.

How much KPL should I use?

We've found that a drop or two on each side of the knife pivot and other moving parts is all that is needed. Re-apply as necessary.

How can I find out about new products?

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Retailer Questions

How can I carry KPL in my shop or online store?

Fill out our application form here.

Is there a minimum purchasing amount required to carry KPL?

We have small minimum purchase requirements, but can typically accommodate retailers of any size.

Where can I find a KPL Dealer?

See our retailers here.

Care & Maintenance Questions

Where do I apply KPL?

KPL Lubricants (KPL Original, KPL Heavy, KPL Ultra-Lite) are designed to be applied to the moving parts of pocketknives.  Add a drop or two to the pivot area of the knife on either side of the blade.

How often should I use KPL on my knife?

Reapply a small amount every week or two when the knife is used daily.

What’s the best way to clean and maintain my knife?

KPL has excellent dirt and grit suspension properties. For this reason, KPL removes deposited grit, dirt, worn metal and other contaminants as you use it. KPL helps you avoid disassembling your knife to clean it. Simply apply KPL, work the action to suspend grime, and wick the dirt away with a cotton swab. Regular KPL use keeps your pivot clean and shiny.

When should I avoid putting Knife Shield on?

Knife Shield is safe on all materials.  Apply to knives, tools, steel, brass, copper, titanium, etc.  Knife Shield is safe for use on knives used for food preparation as well.

Can I use KPL to sharpen my knife?

Many modern stones (e.g., diamond stones) call for either water or no lubricant.

If you use oilstones (e.g., Arkansas Stone), KPL is an excellent option and great at keeping them free of buildup. KPL keeps metal filings (swarf) in suspension and off your Arkansas stone.

Shipping and Return Questions

How is shipping calculated?

We charge a flat rate ($4.00) for shipping via USPS within the United States. International shipping varies by country, and is calculated at the time of checkout, but typically ranges between $10 and $20 USD.

When will I receive my order? What are you processing and shipping timelines?

We ship most orders on the day the order is placed or within 24 hours.

Do you ship overseas?

We ship to most every country.

How do I cancel my order?

Reach out to us via our contact form.

What’s your return/warranty policy?

We guarantee our product and your satisfaction with it for life. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us and we will make it right for you - guaranteed.

How do I make a return?

Reach out to us via our contact form.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment using any method including via credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

General Questions

Will you sponsor a GAW (Giveaway)?

We love to sponsor giveaways that tie well to our brand - reach out to us via our contact form or on Instagram.

How do I become sponsored by KPL?

We occasionally sponsor or provide review products. Reach out to us via Instagram to inquire.

Does KPL have an affiliate program?

We do. Check us out at to apply.