Knife Blade/Washer/Handle Polish & Rust Remover - Simichrome


Simichrome metal polish is the highest quality, fine metal polish on the market.  Made in Germany, this compounded paste contains extremely fine micron-sized ceramic particles that bring both ferrous and non-ferrous metals to a mirror shine. 

This polish is extremely useful for removing rust spots and patina from blade steels, and for polishing scratches, oxidation and blemishes out of metals like nickel silver, brass, copper, stainless steel, and even hard plastics like bakelite, and polished g-10 and micarta.

Use Simichrome to mirror phosphor bronze washers.

Simichrome can also be used to make your own strop or to dress a strop when applied to leather, balsa strips, cardboard or wood. 

Simichrome leaves behind a rust-preventive coating on metal surfaces following polishing.  Will not scratch metal when applied with a soft cloth.  Particle size 8-10 um.

Not for use on Titanium, anodized aluminum, or zirconium.

Contains Naptha -- not for sale to California.


• Abrasive Size: 5-8μm
• Color: visible pink
• Content: 50 grams
• Origin: Germany
• Fast-drying polish

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