Get to Know KPL

I created Knife Pivot Lube (KPL) because I was disappointed by the other options on the market.  

I am a knife collector, edc fanatic, and general knife lover. I am also an engineer and lubricant nerd with professional experience examining lubricant technologies.

I always wanted my knives to operate at their very best so I tried every lubricant on the market.  Unfortunately, other products did not meet my expectations.

I knew what modern lubrication technology could do, so I decided to formulate an oil for my own knives. I wanted this product to be significantly better than anything else available.

KPL starts with an ultra-high-end synthetic lubricant base which provides outstanding film-strength, very high contaminant suspension capacity, and exceptional lubricity. To this base, I added wickability modifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and other additives to help Knife Pivot Lube flow well and protect your knife. The formula I arrived at for KPL was by far the best I had ever used on my knives and I knew others would appreciate it. After nailing the formula," I felt like I had to share it with the rest of the knife community and KPL was born.

KPL's Mission

I strive to make the best knife lubricant on the market bar none! I am also committed to selling KPL at a price that makes it accessable to every knife collector out there. You will find that KPL is significantly less expensive than our high-end competitors.  

KPL's Merit

Don't take our word for it on KPL! Check out the feedback we receive from knife lovers everywhere: