Want to buy a new live blade Balisong but don't know what to look for? This list has you covered! 

And once you grab one of the beauties, don't forget they need to be taken care of. Check out my article on How To Maintain Your Balisong and What You Need To Know to keep your knife in perfect condition. 

Let's get right into the best live balisong blades of 2021!

1- Kershaw Lucha + Flytanium Upgrades



The Kershaw Lucha has proven to be an amazing budget Bali with it gaining the award of the most popular knife model of 2020. 

Adding on to that value is the Flytanium upgrade selection, which includes channel aluminium handles, ceramic bearings and steel washers that will turn your Lucha into an absolutely stunning Bali for an equally stunning pricepoint. 

You can buy the Lucha here, on BladeHQ and you can buy the upgrades on Flytanium’s website here.


2- BlackBalisong Rebola + Diet Kit



The BlackBalisong Rebola was originally a pretty underrated Balisong with unbelievable specs for its price. However, over time it grew to be a very well liked budget Balisong that had G10 scales, bushings and titanium liners.

Some people complained that the original was too thick, so the Diet Kit add-on was made to fix that for any flippers who wanted a thinner version.

There are lots of variants of the Rebola, with carbon fibre scales, matching G10 channels and different scale designs and such.

You can buy the Rebola here, through DirteeDee’s Instagram page, as he is the American proxy for BlackBalisong since they’re based in Brazil.


3- Maxace Scorpius X


Maxace is a company based in China that has been very successful with their bearing Balis. The Scorpius X is an updated version of the Scorpius, which was a much older model.

This new version sports bushings and phosphor bronze washers, with new revised blade designs and longer handles, making it a much better flipper. For a Bali with these specs, the value is amazing for those who like a more simplistic design.

You can buy the Scorpius X from Maxace here.  


4- MachineWise Maryn Light



MachineWise makes all of his Balis in house and they are all designed to be amazing flippers and it shows. MachineWise makes two models under the Maryn family and the Light is the budget-oriented version.

The Maryn Light is made of 7075 channel aluminium and features bushings and washers. The Maryn Light is meant to be a lighter and faster flipper thanks to its aluminium handles. 

You can order your own Maryn Light here.

5- Talisong Z


The Talisong Z is a collaboration project between Flytanium and Eldon Talley and it is the first production knife made by either maker.

Designed like the original Talisong series, the Talisong Z has channel aluminium handles with an engraved diamond texture for grip. It runs on bearings and has perfect tolerances thanks to that.

You can buy a Talisong Z here, when they’re available.

6- Squid Industries Krake Raken (Kraken)



The Squid Industries Krake Raken is one of the most well known and popular knives as of right now. The Krake Raken sports channel 7075 aluminium handles, with engraved grip lines and jimping for ladders, with the signature Squid Industries look.

It has two blade variations, being the Tanto and Bowie versions and they come in a variety of colour options. Many flippers have said that the Kraken is their favourite flipper of all time.

To buy one for yourself, keep an eye out for restocks from any of these resellers.

7- Fellowship Blades Pit Viper 



Fellowship Blades is a new maker on the scene, debuting with his model, the Pit Viper and already he’s making hits with its unique design, impressive specs and great price point.

Sporting Grade 5 channel titanium handles and bushings, this Bali is sure to impress.

You can buy the Pit Viper whenever it’s in stock here.

8- MachineWise Titanium Maryn



The other side of the Maryn siblings, the Titanium Maryn sports channel titanium handles with speed channels being an available option. The Maryn is a slower and more flowy Balisong that has a distinctive ringing sound to it.

Various anodisation options are also available to personalize your Balisong even more.

You can order a Titanium Maryn here.

9- HOM Design Basilisk



The HOM Design Basilisk family is an iconic classic in the list, with the original Basilisks being made for years now. There are three versions available, being the Titanium, Carbon Fibre and G10 versions.

All of them have the same design and have plenty of spacer options ranging from steel all the way to carbon fibre spacers.

The aggressive yet classy bowie blade and perfect bushings make the Basilisk a perfect flipping experience that screams quality.

You can keep track of future drops on Jerry’s Instagram here.

10- Jimpy Designs Sentinel



The Jimpy Designs Sentinel was in development for a long time, with plenty of community hype. They finally dropped recently and they’ve been a hit ever since. The Sentinel is based on tang pins and has titanium channel handles with a simple yet charming design.

The Sentinel has been said to be an amazing flipper and a lot of people’s favourite flipper.

You can look forward to updates on future Sentinel drops here and buy them here when they're in stock.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this list of the Top 10 Live Blade Balisongs of 2021 so far. Are you not ready for a live blade? Not worries. I've got you covered. Check out my article: The Top Ten Balisong Trainers of 2021. Until then, keep flipping cuties!

-Jess (@blade.wielding.queen)

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