Knife Shield - Corrosion Preventive Knife Cleaner

Rust Prevention - KPL Knife Shield™ creates a thin film of corrosion suppressing molecules on metal surfaces. From...
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Rust Prevention - KPL Knife Shield creates a thin film of corrosion suppressing molecules on metal surfaces. From there the formula interferes with the galvanic corrosion process by shifting corrosion potentials to more noble values, disrupting and preventing the dissolution of metal ions that is key to the chemical processes that create rust and patina. 


  • Tape Gunk GONE - Water-based & non-toxic, Knife Shield instantly breaks up gummy tape residue and caked-on gunk. Works better than even than toxic and flammable solvents like acetone and gasoline.
  • No-Haze Degrease & Polish - Knife Shield dissolves and degreases oily surfaces, leaving behind a haze-free shine.

Multi-Metal, Multi-Material - Works across the spectrum of metals, protecting steels, copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver, titanium, zirconium, and designer laminates (timascus, mokume-gane).

Vapor-Phase Protection - Knife Shield slowly vaporizes to protect nearby knives and metal surfaces. Apply it to your entire collection to create a self-sustaining corrosion-free storage box.

100% Food Safe & Non-Toxic - Knife Shield is made from H1 certified food-safe ingredients certified for use in commercial kitchens & food preparation facilities. The no-worry product for use on surfaces that come into direct contact with foods. SDS available here.

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Volume: 4 fluid ounce
Water Based
Food Safe & Non-Toxic
Corrosion Inhibitor
Degreaser and Polish

How to Use

Spray solution on blade, wait approximately 10 seconds, then polish blade clean with a soft cloth.


Rust Preventive solution is a food safe, environmentally friendly water-based cleaning solution that leaves behind a lustrous, shiny, rust preventive film on knife parts and edc tools.

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