My name is Ryan and to your left there, is my everything.   

I am a knife collector, EDC fanatic and general knife enthusiast. I am also an engineer and lubricant nerd with professional experience examining and creating lubricant technologies.

After tons of collecting and finally saving to purchase a really high-end knife, I wanted to protect and ensure my investment was taken care of. I tried every lubricant on the market, but couldn't find one that met my expectations for making my knives operate at their peak. 

With my background in modern lubricant technologies and professional experience as an engineer and technologist, I decided to formulate an oil specifically for folding knives and their operating mechanisms.

 After nearly a year of research, development, and testing, I had landed on the perfect knife lubricant -- I felt like I had to share it with the knife community and KPL™ was born.

Since it's launch in 2018, I've created two products, KPL Original and KPL Heavy and have more products launching over the next year.

I strive to make the best knife lubricant on the market bar none! I am also committed to selling KPL at a price that makes it accessible to every knife collector out there. You will find that KPL is significantly less expensive than our high-end competitors.


KPL is made 100% in the United States and employs youth of the Texas area to help them prepare for college, education and their future. 


KPL is a family business and everyone plays a role down to our 10 year-old daughter. We are using this opportunity to teach our children about following their dreams, thinking big, working hard and creating products that people love. 

Extensively tested

KPL is the most-used knife-specific lubricant on the market today.  Our product has been used on every knife type and style worldwide and is the top choice of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.  Your knife is in good hands with KPL!!


We are knife lovers who love to get to know other knife lovers!

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