If you're reading this then there is a very good chance that you love knives as much as I do. Having a great knife (or 20) to help you through your daily tasks, outdoor adventures, or work day is a great feeling!

But what makes a great knife better? Some awesome accessories of course! In this article we'll discuss some exceptional accessories ranging from cosmetic upgrades to valuable maintenance tools.

Cosmetic and Material Upgrades

A phrase “make it your own” has become the slogan of Rick Hinderer Knives. If you are unfamiliar with Hinderer Knives then you might not be aware that each of his knives is modular, enabling you to change the scales and hardware.

Many other companies have seen the value in this, which has led to an expansive marketplace for both OEM and aftermarket parts being available for knife owners. 



Aftermarket Handle Scales


The availability of aftermarket handle scales for folding knives and fixed blades can give you the experience of owning a custom knife without the high cost and long wait times. In many cases this can even be a major upgrade to the user experience, especially if you love a blade but dislike the manufactures choice of handle materials.

Aftermarket scales can be found in G10, micarta, stabilized wood, carbon fiber, an assortment of metals, and even some exotic options. Below are some of the aftermarket scale makers I have dealt with and have been very happy with the results of.

Sharp Dressed Knives: Specializing in scales for Zero Tolerance and Spyderco, Sharp Dressed Knives Produces a number of scales in Micarta, G10, and carbon fiber.

Flytanium: This company produces scales for CRKT, Spyderco, Benchmade, and many more. This is a great company to check out if you're looking for titanium scales, but they also produce scales made from micarta, other metals, and the occasional exotic material.

Aftermarket Hardware


Sometimes adding that extra touch to your knife can be as simple as changing the stock steel hardware to something like electric blue titanium. Maybe you want to add a touch of class to your knife by replacing it with some bronze or copper hardware. No matter what your personal preference is, there is a hardware option for you!

MXG Gear: This company produces titanium hardware for a number of higher-end production knives including ZT, Emerson, Spyderco, and Benchmade. In addition to making great hardware, they also have a number of clip options.

Lynch Northwest: This company is probably the king of aftermarket pocket clips, especially for Spyderco knives! These highly sought after titanium clips are a game changer for how your knife looks and carries in your pocket. 

Maintenance and Storage

Maintaining your knives is the key to keeping them reliable companions for years to come. Some basic tools will allow you to keep your edges sharp, pivots operating properly, and hardware tight and in place.

Sharpening Systems

A sharp knife is a safe knife, and maintaining that edge will require some proper tools. I will cover some of the best home systems below, you can also check out this article for some more portable options while out in the field.

Spyderco Sharp Maker: This is a great entry point to guided sharpening systems. This system offers multiple types of rods that allow you to get a great edge on your daily users.

Lansky System: This is a more advanced manual sharpening system offering an even larger variety of sharpening stones and leather strop options. A great system that is very budget-friendly and yields excellent results.

KME System: This is a premium manual guided system that offers a very large variety of sharpening stones and strops, allowing the advanced user to really dial in the edge they want. An excellent option for those who are interred in reprofiling their edge or getting a mirror finish.

Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition: Sometimes you need more power, and that is what this electric belt-driven system delivers. This system is definitely not for the beginner but if you are well practiced and have a lot of knives to sharpen this may be a good choice for you! 

Bit Drivers and Bits

Unfortunately, different companies use different-sized hardware in their knives, meaning there is not a uniform tool we can use. Fortunately, there are bit drivers and bit sets that allow us to easily change to the correct bit size. I exclusively use Wiha Bits as in my experience they are the most precise and long-lasting. As for drivers, there are a ton of options out there from generic offerings to elaborate drivers from companies like Journey Tool Co.

The KPL Suite of Maintenance Products

Here at Knife Pivot Lube we offer a number of products that help keep your knife operating at peak performance. I’ll break down some of our offerings and describe how they can help you. In addition, you can grab any of these for 10% today using code BLACKFLAG at checkout.

KPL Oils: We offer three different weight oils depending on your needs. KPL Original is a great all around option. The lightweight oil is very popular among OTF automatic users and Heavy has been a go-to for balisong users.

Rust Prevention and Cleaning: KPL has a number of items to help keep your knife clean and rust-free. Knife Shield is a food safe cleaner and rust prevention solution that goes on wet and leaves an invisible dry film on your blade. We also offer inserts for your knife case that will reduce the build up of rust on your stored blades, as well as a number of other great products. Click here to see the full line up!


Storage Systems

As our collections grow, you might find the need to store all your knives somewhere, especially if you begin amassing a collection of high dollar knives. There are a ton of options out there, lets cover a few of the more popular ones.

NalpakThis company offers premium laser cut foam inserts as well as cases from some of the top makers in the game.

Pelican Cases: A long time favorite among knife and outdoor gear users, Pelican offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to cases. All their cases are hard plastics that are water and dust resistant, and they even have a line of completely water proof options. If you need a case for a few knives or for 100 knives Pelican has you covered. 

Vault CaseA newer company in the knife storage game, Vault Case offers some amazing smaller knife and EDC storage options that give the end user modular interior organization. 

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If You are reading this there is a very good chance that you love knives as much as I do. Having a great knife (or 20) available to help you through your daily tasks, outdoor adventures, or w...
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