After years as the leader in knife protection and lubrication Knife Pivot Lube, manufacturer of knife oils, rust preventives and maintenance items has now released KPL DRY FILM.


Unlike our synthetic fluid lubricants (KPL Original, Ultra-Light, and Heavy), DRY FILM™ goes on as a liquid, but quickly flashes off to leave behind a 100% dry fluorinated layer. Unlike competing products, Dry Film has no liquid or waxy components to attract dust or lint. In fact, the low surface energy of dry film prevents particulates from attaching themselves to metal surfaces and makes them less likely to attract themselves to your knife parts.

Dry film knife oil


Even better, our food-safe formulation utilizes semiconductor industry surface-flushing technology to strip surfaces of microscopic contamination using very dense, ultra-low viscosity solvents. As Dry-Film's liquid carrier washes across the surfaces of your knife parts, it flows in a laminar fashion with an extremely thin boundary layer, resulting in surface flushing that simply can't be matched by typical solvents. The extreme low viscosity of KPL Dry Film deposits sub-micron fluorinated lubricant particles beneath surface textures, where other dry lubricants cannot.

dry film clean and lubricate knife oil dry kpl


Following deposition Dry Film leaves behind a non-toxic, dirt repellent, long lasting surface lubricant without the toxic smell or chemicals of competing technologies.  Best of all, you get all the benefits of a 100% fluorinated lubricant without the health risks potentially associated with certain 'forever' chemicals in the PFA family (e.g., PFOA).

Reach compliant ingredients fluorinated knife oil

Finally, volatile components in DRY FILM are also environmentally friendly, meaning you don't have to worry about harsh fumes, scents, or damage to plants, animals or the environment.


KPL Dry Film™ offers the lowest surface energies of any dry lubricant on the market, meaning dust, dirt, sticky foods, and even liquids are repelled by surfaces coated in Dry-Film. Pens are more satisflying, gliders glide better, and fidgets slide like glass.

We find a completely dry lube to be superior to competing technologies that are reliant on flammable solvents that evaporate to leave behind film waxes or heavy oils that are susceptible to oxidation and gumming. Trust KPL - your pens/fidgets will thank us!

 Dry film bolt action pen


Use Dry Film alone, or for riduculously smooth protection, use as a pre-treatment for bearings, races, washers before applying KPL Original, Heavy, or Ultralight. To make things simple, we formulated Dry Film to deposit lubricant film evenly on knife parts that haven't been disassembled.  Simply add a drop or two of Dry Film, allow the carrier to flash off, and then reapply KPL Original, Ultralight, or Heavy if desired.

Dry Film with Knife Pivot Lube fluorinated grease


KPL Lineup knife oil grease, fluorinated 

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After years as the leader in knife protection and lubrication Knife Pivot Lube, manufacturer of knife oils, rust preventives and maintenance items has now release...

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