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About the Program

The Team at KPL has created a sponsorship program unlike any other in the balisong community.

Rather than sponsoring only the most technically skilled flippers, our team is made up of flippers who create compelling content, are involved in the balisong community, project positivity and are truly passionate about the sport.

For the next year our KPL CREW flippers will receive quarterly care packages containing community-sourced products so they can create killer balisong content, participate in team flipping edits, and compete in our own KPL balisong competition!

Let's Go!


Andrew is well-known in the balisong community not just for his flipping technique, but also for his high-quality videos. Every one of his clips is carefully framed, beautifully lighted, and mesmerizing from start to finish.
Check out Andrew’s amazing balisong content on Instagram and give him a follow so you don’t miss any of his upcoming content!


Denny is known online for three main things: guitar, BMX, and of course, balisongs. His amazing content in each of these categories is partially due to the years of experience he has in each of these hobbies - 10 years riding BMX, 12 years flipping balisongs, and 15 years shredding on the guitar!The flipping journey began for Denny after seeing the movie “Kick-Ass”, which features a pair of classic Benchmade 42s wielded by one of the film’s main characters “Hit Girl”. Curious to learn more, Denny found some flipping videos on YouTube, including the TF2 Spy video and some flipping clips by the incredible flipper David Fettig (aka “Blasto”). Inspired, Denny bought his first 2 balisongs, and the rest is history.


If you’re constantly craving new balisong flipping content, Austin’s Instagram page is where you want to be. Every Monday he uploads a fresh flipping flip for his Monday Madness series, which he’s been doing for over 3 years!Austin has been flipping for about 5 years, and his skill level shows clearly that he is dedicated to this hobby. With a massive array of tricks at his disposal, Austin flips with a quick, smooth, and effortless style.


Some people treat balisongs strictly as a knife, others focus primarily or solely on the flipping aspect, and Jacob is smack dab in the middle. As an Eagle Scout, EDC enthusiast, yoyoer, and bali flipper, Jacob represents the perfect amalgamation of both fun and function.Having been yoyoing for 6 years, Jacob has known about other flow arts for quite some time. Balisong flipping always looked fun to him, and two years ago he bought his first one and fell in love.


It’s not a stretch to say that Chase is the most competitive flipper on the team. Back when he was in elementary school one of his friends showed him some flipping videos by @flipzone999, which was what triggered him to get into flipping.From the very start, the hobby was a competition for Chase. Him and his friend would always be trying to improve quicker and learn new tricks and combos before the other. Although his friend eventually lost interest in the hobby Chase kept going, and has been flipping constantly to this day!


Jeremiah (aka Mickey Flippy) may be the youngest flipper on the #KnifePivotCrew, but don’t let his age fool you - he’s got some serious moves! He keeps his flipping style versatile, doing everything from power aerials down to extremely intricate and technical tricks.His introduction to flipping came from his uncle, who gave him and his brother Flip Finz one year for a birthday. Jeremiah had a friend that was able to teach him some basic rollovers and aerials with some of the other balisongs he got, and in 2020 he got a Squid Industries “Squiddy B” and has been flipping constantly ever since.


Diego’s passion for both the flipping hobby and the flipping community is evident in every interaction you’ll have with him. He’s been flipping for 6 years, and his favorite memories relating to balisongs all involve meeting people in the community, namely at Balifornia 2017 and at the first Blade Show he attended in 2022, where he got to meet a ton of his online flipper friends in person.His passion for the community also shows itself in his Balicademy project, a platform that he founded with the goal of helping people in their flipping journeys by offering coaching, tutorials, classes, workshops, and lectures by prominent flippers.


Prajyot, aka “The Knife Girl”, has been flipping for 4 years. She was inspired to start after seeing her favorite actress, Alycia Debnam-Carey, flipping a balisong and killing zombies with it in the show “Fear the Walking Dead”. After doing some research on this style of knife, Prajyot bought her first ccc and began her journey into the hobby. Since then she’s learned a ton of tricks, and luckily hasn’t come across any zombies just yet.

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