Fixed blades have long been associated with the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and tactical applications but recently we have seen a great deal of enthusiasm for EDC fixed blades. Thankfully, many small makers and production companies have noticed the trend and started designing fixed blades specifically for EDC purposes! In this week's article we will be exploring some of the advantages to carrying EDC fixed blades as well as the innovations makers have come up with to make carrying an EDC fixed blade easy and comfortable.

What is an EDC fixed blade and how do we carry them

For starters we should identify what an EDC fixed blade is. This is not as easy as it sounds as people's personal preferences and local laws as well as desired tasks. To simplify things we will identify an EDC fixed blade as a small lightweight knife that could fill the task role of an EDC folding knife. Let’s explore some types of EDC fixed blades.

Neck Knives

Neck Knives have been around for quite some time and have been the most viable option for most fixed blade EDC. These knives tend to be 5 inches or less overall length. Many neck knives feature minimalist or skeletonized handles to keep bulk and weight down making them comfortable to wear and easily concealed. The disadvantage is due to their small size and minimalist handles they can be uncomfortable to use over prolonged periods of time. In addition there is concern over the safety of neck knives and makers need to pay extra attention to the fix of their sheaths to ensure the knife is not loose and and fall out and injure the wearer. Typically you encounter sheath issues with lower quality knives and most mid to high end neck knives will have excellent sheaths.

Belt Knives

Belt Knives are the most traditional way to carry a fixed blade. Most people think of bulky leather or kydex sheaths. While these traditional sheath styles give excellent access to your knife laws and regulations make it difficult for people in urban settings to carry knives this way. Many knife makers have started utilizing super thin kydex sheaths that can be carried scout style (horizontal along the belt) so that small fixed blades can easily be covered by a t-shirt making it both comfortable and easy to conceal. Slim scout carry knives will be very limited in terms of size and require a very slim footprint.

Pocket Carry Knives

One of the most recent innovations in fixed blade carry is with pocket carry sheaths. Pocket sheaths can be found in slip style or clip style. Slip style sheaths allow the blade to be securely covered while the knife remains loose in your pocket. Clip style sheaths utilize a clip to secure the sheath to your inner pocket allowing you to carry a fixed blade much like you would carry a folding knife. Clip style pocket sheaths have begun to become immensely popular due to the concealability, comfort, and ease of access to your knife. Both styles are typically available in leather and kydex and there are a number of custom sheath makers out there who make them. Many makers have also embraced this trend and we are starting to see pocket carry sheaths come standard with many EDC fixed blades.

Advantages of EDC Fixed Blades

While not as compact and lacking the fidget factor, fixed blades have a few advantages over their folding counterparts that can help you be more productive on a daily basis. Let us explore some of the reasons why an EDC fixed blade may work well in your EDC!

Less Maintenance

Maintaining a fixed blade is a lot easier than maintaining a folding knife, mainly due to not having any mechanical parts. There is no pivot that needs lubrication, there is no locking mechanism that needs to be monitored for wear and tear, and there are no body screws that can strip or be lost. Maintaining a fixed blade involves keeping your edge sharp and keeping your steel clean and protected. 

No Failing Parts

Just like the maintenance portion, the lack of mechanical parts means you don’t have to worry about things like locks and other mechanisms that can wear down and ultimately fail. This makes a fixed blade safer during use and provides peace of mind that your knife will last for years to come.

Rapid Deployment

When it comes to folding knives we always talk about the speed in which various mechanisms deploy the blade. Fixed blades are always deployed and are ready to use immediately upon unsheathing.

Cost and Production Process

Like all knives, fixed blades can vary wildly in cost, but for the most part high quality fixed blades are less costly when compared to their folding counterparts. In addition, you have more options when it comes to handmade and unique knives. There are far more options available in the fixed blade space. 

KPL has you covered!

If you decide a fixed blade EDC knife is right for you, KPL has your maintenance needs covered! Check out our full line of fixed blade maintenance products including our premier knife cleaner and blade protectant Knife Shield!

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Fixed blades have long been associated with the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and tactical applications but recently we have seen a great deal of enthusiasm for EDC fixed ...
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