You want to get a quality Balisong trainer, but you’re not sure where to get one or what's out there. Knife Pivot Lube has you covered!

Here are our Top 10 Balisong Trainers so you can get to learning butterfly knife tricks in no time! This list is in order of lowest to highest price, so you can navigate to your budget.


1. BBbarfly Bottle Opener ($26.00 - $34.00)

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Knife Pivot Lube

The BBbarfly bottle opener has a reputation for being the best bang for your buck when looking for a durable trainer for below $30.

The Barfly has channel Aluminum handles that run on pin pivots. It comes in plain colors or tons of unique and vibrant designs to come with your trainer!

It can take hits like a tank, but be warned, the Barfly is known to be loud when flipping. When it comes to a beater trainer for a low price, nothing beats the value of a Barfly.

2. Boker Plus Balisong Trainer ($39.95)

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Knife Pivot Lube

The Boker Plus is an affordable Balisong trainer made with stainless steel liners with G10 scales, offering comfortable and substantial grip in your hands when flipping. It comes with a detachable pocket clip and spring latch for added carrying ability for EDC.

The Boker Plus has sandwich handle construction with stainless steel spacers and Zen Pins.

The blade has a satisfying satin finish on it and the vibrant blue G10 scales offer a nice look to your trainer as well as a satisfying clacky sound while flipping.

For only $39.95, this balisong trainer proves its value at its price along with its performance.

3. Squid Industries Squiddy ($41.99)

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Knife Pivot Lube

The Squiddy is an iconic trainer made out of CPVC, which is a strong and light plastic material, making it a very durable trainer.

In fact, the Squiddy and its siblings, the Squiddy-G and Squiddy-C are the first TSA approved trainers, meaning they are legal to carry with you on a plane or in an airport.

This makes the Squiddy the perfect holiday EDC without any worries at all. 

It has channel handles and runs on Phosphorus-Bronze washers with a Zen Pin system. It comes in a clean white color, while the G and C variants come with Grey and Clear materials respectively along with a couple of minor changes.

The Squiddy is a must-have for any flipper who needs a trainer they can flip anywhere without worry! 

4. BBbarfly Pro ($79.90)

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Knife Pivot Lube

The BBbarfly Pro is an amazing value trainer as it runs on bushings. It has a newer version of the classic Barfly bottle opener blade, updated to look sleeker.

It runs on Bushings with Bronze washers, which are an amazing value pick at this price. The handles are CNC machined aluminum in a sandwich styled construction. 

The Barfly Pro, just like its older sibling, comes in a variety of vibrant colors and allows you to create a combination of colors for each handle of your trainer. It is very smooth and comfortable to flip and is a lot quieter than the original Barfly.

The bushings ensure almost no play or tap and keeps your trainer running as smooth as possible.

At only $79.90, the Barfly Pro is an amazing value choice as you get bushings and high quality machined parts for a steal of a price.

5. GlidrCo Sahara ($115.00)

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Knife Pivot Lube

The GlidrCo Sahara is a very unique trainer with its round handles and unique colour combinations. It definitely goes outside of the normal formula of a Balisong trainer. It’s made out of 6061 Aluminum and runs on zen pins with a channel handle construction, with bronze washers.

The Sahara comes with a large range of color combinations and is a very unique pick for an affordable price. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a different feeling trainer to what you normally find out there!

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the time of this article, the Sahara is out of stock, however you can stay up to date by signing up to the Glidr Club Newsletter to stay up to date on future drops and updates.

6. Squid Industries Squidtrainer V3.5 ($149.99-174.99)

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Knife Pivot Lube

The iconic Squidtrainer’s newest version is the V3.5, featuring channel Aluminum handles and running on Phosphorus-Bronze washers. It has press-fit zen pins to avoid potential screw stripping issues.

The Squidtrainer was first introduced in 2016 by Lucas Cao, also known as Squidmaster23. The Squidtrainer was then improved based off customer feedback until it reached the newest version, V3.5. 

The Squidtrainer comes in Silver for $149.99, with colored variants at $179.99. Optionally, the Inked Squidtrainer V3.5 comes with a unique DLC coated blade for a deep black finish.

It has a milled bead blast finish for extra grip and this is a trainer engineered and built for flippers, by flippers. The Squidtrainer also has a signature ringing sound while flipping, commonly featured as Balisong ASMR.

You’re guaranteed quality when you get a Squidtrainer, they are durable and smooth, as well as very easy to maintain. You can get news on future drops by joining their newsletter at their website:

7. HypeX Knives V3 Trainer ($159.90)

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Knife Pivot Lube

The HypeX V3 is a unique looking trainer with a large range of vibrant colors and an attractive blade shape. The HypeX V3 uses 7075 Aluminum, which is aerospace grade Aluminum, ensuring quality and durability during use. 

The handles are rounded and the spine of the blade is crowned for maximum comfort while flipping and runs on zen pins with a channel design.

Like the Squidtrainer, it has a notch on the bite side of the blade to help with bite handle indication and promotes proper flipping habits.

It is a latch-less design, like the Squidtrainer and it has a unique aesthetic with the signature 4 hole design. The blade emulates the shape of a real blade without looking threatening.

For information on future drops, you can subscribe to their newsletter here:

8. SvixCo Zephyr V3 ($175.00)

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Knife Pivot Lube

The SvixCo Zephyr has always had a reputation for durability within the community. This most recent version, the Zephyr V3, has a massive upgrade with bushings now being installed for insane tolerances.

It features channel 7075 Aluminum handles and runs on press-fit Zen Pins for durability. The unique rounded pivot area and lines running down the handles allow for both grip and a unique aesthetic for the trainer.

The signature blade design is heat treated for strength and is designed based off a Kukri blade. The Zephyr is built like a tank, making it perfect for EDC anywhere you go. 

You can stay up to date on updates and future drops at their website:

9. Squid Industries Nautilus ($209.99-229.99)

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Love The Day

The Squid Industries Nautilus is a one-of-a-kind trainer, being the first ever Balisong, let alone trainer, to feature both channel liners and G10 scales together.

This creates a unique grip and ergonomic feel to the Nautilus, along with the light weight of the trainer creates a trainer experience like no other.

The Nautilus runs on hand-tuned bushings, ensuring smoothness and perfect tolerances. The tang pin system that the Nautilus uses is designed for quiet flipping, giving the Nautilus a satisfying ASMR-like quiet clacking sound when flipping. 

The Nautilus has a striking scale and blade design, giving it an aggressive but polished look. The Nautilus comes in a range of colours as well as the Inked Nautilus variant.

Just like the Squidtrainer, the Nautilus was designed and tested to be for flippers and is definitely worth picking up for a different flipping experience!

For information on future drops of the Nautilus, you can subscribe to the Squid Industries newsletter, with the link provided in the Squidtrainer V3.5 section.

10. HOM Design Prodigy ($250-$300)

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Knife Pivot Lube

The HOM Design Prodigy is a work of art in itself. It was designed, tested and manufactured by a community veteran, Jerry Hom. The Prodigy is the definition of fancy and aesthetically pleasing, with a very clean and polished handle design and a unique Bowie shaped trainer blade.

The Prodigy is made of sandwich construction Titanium handles (yes, Titanium!) and a hardened 440C steel blade.

The handles are cut and designed for balance, with an elegant and symmetrical design for grip and aesthetics. It runs on precision tuned bushings and high quality press-fit tang pins.

The newer version, the Mod B, came with a new durable stonewashed finish, along with a lightened blade for better balance. To match this, the Mod B came with Titanium spacers rather than stainless steel, for a more neutral balance.

The Prodigy can only currently be found on the secondary market but there are many places you can get it, such as on the r/balisong Subreddit and the Instagram hashtag #balisongsale. The Prodigy is an amazing trainer and pushes what a trainer can be to the limits.

Top Ten Balisong Trainers on Knife Pivot Lube


Those  are our top 10 picks for the best balisong trainers out there!

There is a fit for every budget and any one of these trainers will last with proper maintenance.

If you bought a trainer and don’t know how to take care or maintain it, our previous article would be perfect for you! You can find the article right here

Happy flipping!

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The TOP 10 BEST BALISONG TRAINERS out there on the market!
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