Looking to buy a new balisong trainer but don't know what to look for? This list has you covered!

1- BBbarfly OG2 


The Barfly OG model has been an icon for beginners since the beginning of the hobby. With the OG2 upgrades, this model now has bushings and washers as well as proper pivot hardware, unlike their old design with permanent pins.

The OG2 also has some changes to have better tolerances and to make the sound less harsh. If you’re on a very strict budget but want a strong flipper for the price, look no further than the OG2.

You can buy the OG here and use code “OG2” at checkout to get the OG2 upgrade.

2- Squid Industries Squiddy Series


The Squid Industries Squiddy has been synonymous with beginner bali recommendations since it came out. The series currently has four models being sold: the Squiddy, Squiddy B, Squiddy C, and Squiddy U. The Squiddy G was also available for some time but has since been discontinued.

All of the Squiddys have insanely good value, with good quality and well engineered balance made for flipping. They are also fully legal everywhere and are even TSA approved, meaning you can carry your Squiddy anywhere you want to!

You can find the Squiddy series here, on the Squid Industries' website when they’re available.

3- Squid Industries Mako V3


The Mako V3 is an amazing value buy for an entry level trainer. Made of 6061 aluminum, the Mako V3 is a sturdy and well balanced trainer with an amazing value and price tag.

Sporting a bead blasted finish for extra grip and hidden zen pins to avoid any pins falling out over time, the Mako V3 is a dependable companion to add to your collection.

You can buy the Mako V3 here, on the Squid Industries website when they’re available.

4- SvixCo Terra


The Terra is the newest addition to the SvixCo roster. Sporting channel aluminum handles and a unique light blade design, the Terra is essentially a barebones version of the Zephyr, but with the same amazing bushing system.

Considering the price, the Terra has amazing tolerances, durability, and balance, making it a perfect fit for your flipping needs. Regardless of if you beat your knives up or keep them minty clean, the Terra can take on any of the challenges you throw at it.

You can buy the SvixCo Terra here, or on the SvixCo site when they’re available.

5- SvixCo Zephyr V4.5


The Zephyr was the first trainer made by SvixCo, and the V4.5 is the final addition to the lineup. The Zephyr V4.5 has been known to be an absolute tank of a trainer with perfect bushings and 7075 aluminum.

The V4.5 has a more rounded handle design with a more rounded zen nipple, perfect tolerances, and reduced rear weight, making it more comfortable and nimble than ever before. If you need a trainer you won’t be afraid to drop when out and about, the Zephyr is a perfect fit for you.

You can buy the Zephyr here, on the SvixCo website when they’re available.

6- Kershaw Lucha Trainer + Flytanium Upgrades


The Kershaw Lucha has proven to be an amazing budget bali, with it gaining the award of the most popular knife model of 2020. With the new trainer model, this just expands on the demand by catering to the trainer market too.

Adding to its value is the Flytanium upgrade selection, which includes channel aluminum handles, ceramic bearings, and steel washers. These will turn your Lucha into an absolutely stunning bali at an equally stunning price point. 

You can buy the Lucha trainer here, and you can buy the upgrades on Flytanium’s website here.

7- Squid Industries Krake Raken (Kraken) Trainer


The Squid Industries Krake Raken is one of the most well known and popular knives as of right now, so it’s no surprise that the trainer version is also on this list.

The Krake Raken sports channel 7075 aluminum handles, with engraved grip lines for the handles and jimping on the bottom of the channel for ladders, all with the signature Squid Industries look. It has a variety of color options, with special versions like dual Ttne and "inked" variants coming out too.

Many flippers have said that the Kraken is their favorite flipper of all time, and that keeps the popularity rising.

You can buy the Krake Raken Trainer here, when they’re available.

8- NRB Nemesis


The NRB Nemesis is a titanium channel trainer that runs on bushings and washers. NRB has been known to make some amazing trainers, so it was no surprise that the Nemesis was a popular choice.

With super solid construction and a super solid sound signature, the Nemesis is an amazing choice for a more premium trainer.

Although the Nemesis might not currently be in stock, you can check out NRB's website to see what they have available!

9- SvixCo Gale V4


The Gale is the premium trainer of the Svix lineup, focusing on the same quality and perfect bushing system used by the Zephyr and Terra.

The Gale has an iconic windchime ring thanks to its unique chanwich design and open titanium handles. The Gale flips as well as it sounds and looks great doing it too.

You can buy the Gale V4 here, on the SvixCo website when they’re available.


10- HOM Design Prodigy Mod B (and C coming soon)


The HOM Design Prodigy is based on the design philosophies that all HOM balis follow. Perfect tolerances, elegant looks, and great flippability.

The Mod B version has lighter spacers to allow for much better balance during flipping, and the new Mod C version was announced with even more updates for a better flipping experience.

Jerry Hom always looks to update and adapt his designs to become much better flippers and this care for the experience shows in the quality. HOM Design has been here since the early days of the hobby and shows no signs of slowing down.

You can stay tuned on news about the Prodigy Mod C on Jerry’s Instagram here.


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