This month we are featuring an outstanding member of the EDC Community, Rikki Hernandez known to many as Capt.Rikki on social media. Rikki is a professional videographer who has worked in numerous areas, but is currently focused on creating content in the EDC community. He is currently working as a full time videographer for Taylor Martin of Best Damn EDC and Carry Commission, as well as producing high end video content for his own personal brand and Knives by Nuge.    

Focus: Everyday Usage 

Style: Self Proclaimed Jedi Knight 

Priority: Form and Function

Rikki primarily focuses on everyday use, though he has recently started dabbling in the outdoor side of things. When picking everyday carry gear, Rikki looks for gear that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. While he does use much of his gear, he has no shame in saying that he is primarily a collector of fine knives and gear. Let’s learn a little more about Rikki and his EDC style in his own words!

Hello KPL readers and EDC enthusiasts! My name is Rikki and I’ve been in the EDC community for roughly 4 years. Yes, I too have a story about my father giving me a knife but my unhealthy obsession for owning way too many pocket knives didn’t start until I learned of the three magical words Every Day Carry. I spend a lot of my time traveling and sitting behind a desk editing videos for my own social media and Taylor Martin (Best Damn EDC). As a videographer you can imagine that my knives aren’t getting abused, I mainly carry my pocket knives to cut open boxes, take photos of them, and show them off to all my friends.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with phenomenal makers in the EDC community, and it’s because of that reason I’ve amassed a large collection of pocket knives. When it comes to picking my carry I like to keep it simple some days and ridiculous other days. On days that I feel ridiculous I’ll carry my TOPS Knives SXS Skullcrusher (a 10” tracker) and on days where I’m feeling simple I’ll carry a Bilgewater Blades Jack Rabbit, Okluma DC0, Big Idea Design Fountain EDC, and my Leatherman Arc. My philosophy for EDC is just to have fun with it. Carry what you love, build friendships with your fellow makers/designers, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. We all started not knowing anything about pocket knives.

Examples of Rikki’s Everyday Carry

Rikki has a robust collection, as such his carry style changes based on his intended tasks as well as his moods. He was unable to pin down one particular carry set and has opted to share a few different EDC loadouts with us and talks about some of the reasons why he carries what he carries!

Last year I got to meet the team at Big Idea Design and It was one of the most fun moments of 2023. They moved their operations to Chattanooga, TN and released their first USA Made fixed blade which is the Lookout. This particular one is one of the very first 10 they made and it’s got a magnacut blade, anodized body screws, and it came in a sweet wooden box with a challenge coin. To the right of that I have the EDC Fountain pen also by Big Idea Design, I never thought I’d find myself carrying a fountain pen but I have been obsessed with it. I write in cursive so not only is it a fancy looking pen but it matches my awful doctor's handwriting. To the left of the Lookout I’ve got a bronze Okluma DC0. Did I pay way too much money for that flashlight? Yes. Does it make me happy? Also yes. Lastly to the left of the Okluma we have the Leatherman Arc. To make a very long story short I worked at a Safari and everyday in my pocket I had a Leatherman Rebar. It was great BUT then I handled the Arc and it changed everything. Yes it’s an expensive multi-tool but well worth it in my opinion. It’s eliminated the need to carry a pry bar, folding knife, and it’s got these sweet Ripps Garage adhesive stickers on it that makes it look awesome. 

One thing that all of us EDC enthusiasts can understand is having a honeymoon phase with a knife. It seems ridiculous but it happens. At this moment mine is with the Bilgewater Blades Jack Rabbit. It’s in Magnacut steel with tan G-10 scales and to me this knife makes me feel like a badass cowboy. Wyatt, the owner is a great dude who stresses about the tiniest details on his craft as a knife maker and it’s because of that that I think this fixed blade is perfect. To the left of that is the badass Strider SMF. Last year I went through a rabbit hole with Strider knives and I ended up with this SMF because it’s a tank of a knife, it comes in at almost 10” OAL. Again, is it practical? no but do I love it? YES! To the right of the Jack Rabbit is another great piece, the Big Idea Design Solar Drive 2023 edition. I wanted a watch that I could wear daily and this one is great especially with the Anchor Heritage leather straps. To the right of that I have a worry stone from my friend Tom Medivich of Notorious EDC. He’s awesome and it’s because of him that I carry slip joints! 

Lastly this is what I would consider to be one of my most minimal carries. Up first is the Jack Wolf Knives Midnight Jack. I LOVE this slip joint. It’s the one that caught my eye when I first learned about JWK and after having met Ben and Donnie I cherish these pieces dearly. To the left of that I have a Tactile Turn Mini Click. I bought that at Blade Texas and it’s a great pen for EDC, of course it's also super fidgety. To the right of the JWK I have a Nice Guy Machine Co. Mr. Nice Bar, Archie the owner of NGMCo is one of the funniest dude’s I’ve met in the EDC world. He embodies what I believe EDC should be, fun and lighthearted. Last to the right is the Okluma DC0 again because well… when you spend that much on a flashlight you carry it everywhere lol 

Thanks again to KPL and Nick Italiano for the feature and as my friend Taylor would say, Carry On. 

Catch up with Rikki on his Instagram and YouTube pages!

As always we would like to thank all of our loyal readers with a special discount on all of our knife maintenance supplies using code "BLACKFLAG" at checkout.


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This month we are featuring an outstanding member of the EDC Community, Rikki Hernandez known to many as Capt.Rikki on social media. Rikki is a professional videographer...
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