For years KPL has formulated and produced excellent pivot lubricants, starting with our original and later evolving into heavy and ultralight options to meet the specific needs of our community. When we heard that many members of the knife community were on the hunt for an effective lubricant that would not leave any oil or waxy residue behind, we knew that we could formulate the best dry lubricant to meet those needs! After extensive research and testing we were able to launch KPL Dry Film Lubricant in 2023 and it has become a staple in our product line ever since!

How Does KPL Dry Film work?

KPL Dry Film is applied as a liquid the same way any of our other lubricants, but within seconds the liquid flashes off and leaves behind a fluorinated layer on the surface that is less than a millionth of a meter thick! Not only is the resulting dry layer microscopically thin, it has the lowest surface energy of any competing dry lubricant on the market! So what does all this science mean for you? It means that pivots treated with KPL Dry Lube not only run smoother, they also prevent dust, dirt, and grime from sticking to any treated parts!

When Should KPL Dry Film be Used?

Dry Film can be used just like any of our other lubricants and can be a great option for those who are looking to avoid the use of oil based products, however, Dry Film can really make a tremendous difference in your knife performance in certain situations.


Do you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or bushcrafting? If so, Dry Film is a great option for your outdoor folding knives. Avoid getting dirt, plant materials, blood, and fish cuts stuck in your pivot system by applying Dry Film, and keep your folding knife running smoothly and reliably when you need it most.


Do you work in dusty environments, cut things like sheetrock, work industrial wood production or a machine shop? You know first hand how your knife is exposed to all manner of tiny particles that can get stuck in your pivot system and reduce performance and cause damage over time. With KPL Dry Film you can ensure your pivot systems internal parts remain protected and operating smoothly to make sure you can get the job done day in and day out.

Always on the Go

Are you a heavy knife user that is always on the move and don’t have the time to regularly take apart and clean your knife? KPL Dry Film allows you to keep your pivot lubricated and protected and prevents to build up on dust and grime that can get caught up in oil based products. That means great performance and less maintenance so you don’t need to slow down.

Extreme Performance

Are you looking for ridiculously smooth performance in your folding knives? KPL Dry Lubricant can also be used together with our standard lubricants. While this will work with any pivot system, it is especially helpful with caged ball bearing pivot systems. By applying Dry Lube directly onto the bearings they will be coated with that super thin layer that will repel dust and grime. You can then add a few drops of our standard or ultralight lubricant to really make that blade fly open and you won’t have to worry about excess oil getting left behind in your bearing cage!  

With all these specialized uses it’s easy to see why KPL Dry Film is a great addition to our line of knife maintenance products! Reading about it is one thing, but experiencing it is the best way to see how great it is! As a thank you to all of our loyal customers and readers you can use code BLACKFLAG for a special discount on a fresh bottle of KPL Dry Film or any of the great maintenance products in our line up!

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For years KPL has formulated and produced excellent pivot lubricants, starting with our original and later evolving into heavy and ultralight options to meet the specifi...
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