If you are reading this article there is a pretty strong chance that you have an interest in collecting and using knives of some sort. There is an incredible assortment of folding knives, fixed blades, balisongs, and chef knives out there to fit into just about any enthusiast's budget. What many people may not be aware of is the robust community that exists to bring knife enthusiasts together! In this article we will discuss some of the places, both virtual and in person, that you can connect with people who share your passion for awesome cutting tools!

Internet Based

Social Media

Social Media has been one of the best ways for knife enthusiasts to get together and share their collections with the world. Instagram has a robust group of people to connect with in both the everyday carry community and the outdoor community. If you are new to social media you can check out some of our own instagram pages to help connect you with some of your favorite makers and find new people in the community!

Knife Pivot Lube Instagram: A great starting point to find EDC enthusiasts

Black Flag Survival Instagram: Into the great outdoors and outdoor knives, start here!

BarkHandle Instagram: A fantastic page to get yourself into the Balisong Community

Facebook groups are also a great way to find members of the knife community. There are way too many groups out there to even begin to list, but simply head to your group search and type in your favorite style of knife or favorite knife maker and there is a good chance you will find a group to meet new people!


Knife related forums are among the oldest and largest collections of knife enthusiasts on the internet! The best forums are highly organized with detailed topics where you can ask questions, learn new things, see opinions on various knives and so much more. Forums have the advantage of allowing you to have in depth back and forth conversations with many people, really adding to the social aspect! Check out these forums to get started.

Blade Forums: All things knife related!

Bushcraft USA: Outdoor Knife, skills, and gear


While many people would not view YouTube as a place to meet people, there are many content creators that have large and active follower bases that you can interact with! This is also a great place to find resources and links to other online social options and even in person events. Here are a few of our favorite creators.

Best Damn EDC-all things EDC

Gideons Tactical-hard use knife and gear testing

BarkEater Outdoors-outdoor knives, gear, and skills

Metal Complex-folding knife reviews

Screaming Pirate EDC-EDC knife and Gear Reviews

Rikki Hernandez-EDC, knives, and more

In Person Events

Blade Show

Blade show

Blade Show in Atlanta is the largest knife show in the world, if you want to meet your favorite maker, content creator, or just meet up with members of the knife community this is the place to be! Held annually at Cobb Galleria in Atlanta Georgia, Blade Show consists of two massive convention hall rooms filled to the brim with booths and tables of your favorite knife makers and companies. This three day event also is known for its excellent night life, with the famous after show part held in “The Pit.” If Atlanta is too far out of your way, Blade Show has now expanded to have events in the Western US and Texas.

Fifty Fifty Productions Custom Knife Show

While Custom Knife Show may not be as large as Blade Show it is still an excellent avenue to meet makers and members of the community.  In 2024 there are two main shows to attend: the New York Custom Knife Show and the Nashville Custom Knife Show. These shows feature some of the hottest custom knife makers and is definitely something you won’t want to miss if you are in the area. 

Georgia Bushcraft

Georgia Bushcraft holds two weekend long gatherings every year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall, with the Fall Gathering being the larger of the two. While these events are not specifically knife shows, where you find outdoor people, you find knife people! There are also a good number of custom knife makers, knife dealers, and larger outdoor production companies in attendance. These events have a laid back feel, tons of campfire conversations should you choose to camp, and a lot of educational classes to help develop your knife and outdoor skills! 

We Love the Knife Community

This is just a small sampling of ways you can interact with this thriving and robust community, we encourage you to check them out and get involved! We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of all the amazing community members, businesses and content creators out there! As always we would like a special thank you to our readers by offering you a discount on your KPL purchase by using code BLACK FLAG at check out!

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If you are reading this article there is a pretty strong chance that you have an interest in collecting and using knives of some sort. There is an incredible assortment ...
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