So, your Balisong is getting a little grimy from all the flipping, cutting, dropping and usage. Well, every once in a while, you should give your Balisong a nice cleaning to keep it fresh and smooth.

If you want to get your Balisong clean and brand new again, you’ve come to the right place! Here is our step-by-step guide on how to clean your Balisong, quick and simple!

Clean Your Balisong Properly

Step 1: Unscrew the Balisong


Take your Torx screwdriver bit and carefully unscrew the pivot screws of your Balisong.

If you’re having trouble taking your Balisong apart, this guide by Squid Industries has you covered.



If it has any body screws or Zen Pin screws, remove those too and carefully set the screws aside.

Being careful not to lose the screws, use some kitchen paper or a microfibre cloth to clean out the screw threads and get rid of any old threadlocker or gunk.

Step 2: Separate the Parts



Next, take your blade, washers and handles (as well as any other pivot hardware such as bushings or bearings) such as in the picture above.

Using Q-Tips or Kitchen Paper, clean out any gunk or debris from the blade’s pivot holes and around the holes.

Carefully clean out the bushings and washers, being careful not to lose them.



After that, clean out the handles properly, I recommend Q-Tips for channel Balisongs and Kitchen Paper for any sandwich Balisongs.

Step 3: Put It Back Together



Carefully align the washers and bushings into the Balisong and put the pivots in, like shown in the picture above.

This is the point where you should add your threadlocker onto your screws. The most common example of this is Loctite, a guide for which can be found here.



After this, put your Balisong back together and tune it to your liking, then let the Balisong set to allow the threadlocker to dry.

Step 4: Aftercare



This is the stage where you should do the oiling of your blade, as well as applying lubricant. Oiling the blade is useful to prevent rust, as well as give your blade a new shine.

Lubricating your Balisong is very important as it keeps wear and tear to a minimum while using your Balisong regularly. 

For a lubricant made for knives, KPL Knife Pivot Lube is the best choice to keep your Balisongs running at the best they can.

KPL keeps gunk and debris in suspension, allowing for ultra smooth action and reducing wear on your Balisong. It even cleans your pivots from old gunk as you apply and use it.



So, to conclude, cleaning your Balisong is a very important procedure that you should do regularly to keep your Balisong running as well as possible.

It's easier than it may seem and you'll be back up and running with your Balisong in no time!

A big thank you to @99_eggs_on_the_wall on Instagram for taking these pictures for this article, give him a follow and some likes!

Credit to Squid Industries Co for the two video guides referenced in this video.

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