If you’re familiar with hobbies such as flipping Balisongs or spinning pens, then you’ve likely heard the terms “flow” and “combo” before. These are very important terms in these types of hobbies and in this article, you will learn about flow and how to make and execute combos!



Flow is achieved when your tricks and combos flow between tricks seamlessly and smoothly. Flow is a prevalent part of many hobbies which are usually named “Flow Arts”. These hobbies include pen spinning, Begleri beads, yo-yos and, of course, Balisongs.

In this article we will be focusing on the term in context of the Balisong flipping hobby. There will be examples of flow below after the other definitions.



A combo is a linkage of multiple tricks combined into one sequence. Usually the tricks in a combo would flow in and out of one another nicely and have a nice ending. I will show example combos below ranging in complexity.



A combo that you make up on the spot while flipping, usually made up of tricks you already know or unique tricks that you came up with yourself. Freestyles help your fluidity as they force you to make up a combo on the spot and can help train your muscle memory.

IMPORTANT TIP: Lube your Balisong/Buttterfly knife regularly with Knife Pivot Lube knife oil for optimal performance.  Knife oil will both make tricks easier and prolong the life of your knife's moving parts.

Balisong Tips and Tricks

Twirl Ladder:
Whip Rollover (Thanks to @butterfly_knife_tutorials for this one as YouTube kept taking my video of this trick down):
Behind the 8 Ball:
Reverse Whip Ricochet:
Icepick Aerial:
Combo 1:
Combo 2:



-Don’t use openings and closings mid combo, you only should do this at the ending of the combos.

-Learn each trick individually before attempting to add them into a combo. This makes sure that you can do it consistently, which will make learning the combo way easier.

-Learn each combo in sections before you link those pieces together.

-Once you have learned some combos try to freestyle. Freestyling helps train your muscle memory. 

-Have fun with it! If you aren’t having fun, take short breaks to avoid getting burned out.

-Written by: Jess Goh (@blade.wielding.queen on Instagram)

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