In the greater knife community we often hear the term EDC, which stands for everyday carry, but the question often comes up as to what this actually means. At the root of the term it literally means the things that we carry on us on a daily basis. By this definition every single person has some kind of EDC. It could be a wallet, their cell phone, keys, briefcase, purse, and the whole litany of items that modern people take with them when they set out into the world. Within the Knife Community this term has taken on new meaning, while it still on the surface represents the original definition, it has now become an entire community of people that are enthusiastic about the things they carry on a daily basis. As with all communities there are a wide variety of specific interests and styles that can influence people's definition of what the proper way to EDC is and a lot of strong opinions that come along with it. As we care about the community as a whole, in this article we will explore some of the factors that apply when choosing an EDC Knife and hopefully dispel the idea that there is a right or wrong way to EDC.

Knives are the cornerstone of the EDC community, pretty much everyone who is enthusiastic about EDC carries a knife on a daily basis. Chances are if you are reading this, you probably have a knife in your person right now! What kind of knife people ultimately carry depends on a few different factors.

Intended Task

Depending on what people do on a daily basis may determine what kind of knives they carry. Someone who works in an office will probably carry something small and discreet. A warehouse employee will likely use a heavy duty folding knife that is built for all day use. Someone who does a lot of outdoor and woodland work will likely prefer a fixed blade. A first responder will likely look for a more specialized knife that is specifically designed for their line of work. While these examples are not the case for all people, there is a definite pattern to be recognized here.


Knives can fall into a very wide price range with some knives being as low as 20 or 30 dollars and others being hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The misconception that many people have is that inexpensive knives are “poor quality” and expensive knives are great for all tasks. In reality there are many inexpensive knives that are well designed and well made that will perform well in their intended task. While inexpensive knives often lack the high end materials found in expensive knives, they are made from materials that have been tried and true for decades! Many expensive knives are made with high end steels and exotic materials, this does not inherently make them more functional, but is more of a reflection of the cost of the materials and the challenges makers and manufacturers have working with those materials.


Not all knife enthusiasts are what we often define as “users” ; some people just enjoy collecting knives as well as trading, buying, and selling on the secondary market. There is a secondary market for just about any kind of knife, from budget oriented models to thousand plus dollar knives. We often see these buy, sell, trade groups appearing in popular forums and Facebook groups.

Personal Values

A person's personal values may play a strong role in the knives they ultimately choose to purchase and carry. Some people will gravitate towards American made knives, while others will buy knives made all over the world. Some people focus on handmade knives, while others prefer the uniformity that comes with production knives. There is no right or wrong here, just personal preferences.

Personal Aesthetic 

Knives are tools, but there is definitely an aesthetic factor for many people. Many people have preferences when it comes to their favorite colors, textures, and materials. Knives give us the opportunity to buy a tool that matches our preferences. For those who collect the knife aesthetic may be the primary factor in picking a knife to buy. 

Local Laws and Regulations

There are very few universal knife laws on the books, each state and even large cities have their own rules as to what knives can be legally owned and carried. 

With all these factors in mind it is important to realize that not everyone can be easily stuck into one idea or another. Many people will both use and collect knives, many people will “hard use” very expensive knives. While many people have strong opinions over what is the “right way” to pick and carry knives, each person should ultimately do what makes them happy and find like minded people in the community to enjoy their hobby with!

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In the greater knife community we often hear the term EDC, which stands for everyday carry, but the question often comes up as to what this actually means. At the root o...
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