There are a lot of Balisong makers and brands out there but today, we’re going to give you our top picks for the best Balisong makers and brands on the market today! 

Bladerunners Systems

Bladerunners Systems was made with the saying “For Flippers, By Flippers'. It has been around for a long time, for over a decade.

Quoting Bladerunners Systems themselves:

Just as any other sport has purpose-built equipment, we believed flipping should be no different. Our first model The Alpha Beast was developed by combining all the elements important to flipping gathered through our own experiences as flippers as well as feedback from the community.  From there models Replicant and Barebones, as well as the Trainer, were developed to cater to different flipping styles and preferences while maintaining the high level of quality and performance of its predecessor in Alpha Beast. Our goal has always been to create high-performance balisongs, knives, and gear with the design philosophy centered around balance, precision, and quality.

BRS’s best Balisongs are the: Barebones, Alpha Beast and Replicant.

HOM Design


HOM Design was founded by a community veteran, Jerry Hom, when we decided that the Balisong community needed another option for quality flipper’s Balisongs.

Every HOM Design knife is made with pure quality and marksmanship built into it. 

Quoting Jerry Hom:

Our mission remains the same today — Hom Design is committed to creating highly inspired knives of the highest quality. Material innovation and passion for design are the cornerstones of our products.

We love to hear from our fans and combined with their feedback, we hope to build their dream knife.

Some of his products include the Specter, Prodigy Trainer and the iconic Basilisk family.

Squid Industries Co


Squid Industries was primarily a trainer manufacturer until they debuted their first live blade, the Krake Raken.

Founded by Lucas Cao in early 2016, with making quality and affordable trainers in mind. Since the original debut of the Squidtrainer, Squid Industries products have been improved through feedback from the community. 

Whenever you think of a budget trainer, Squid Industries always comes to mind.

Some of their offerings include the iconic Squidtrainer V3.5, Nautilus and their first live blade balisong, the Krake Raken (formerly known as the Kraken).



Svix is a new maker on the scene, but he’s already made a huge breakthrough in the flipper community with his trainer, the Zephyr.

Svix’s personality is a very friendly and joking style, with a very approachable feel to his company. 

The newest version of the Zephyr, the Zephyr V3, has bushings fit in for insane tolerances on top of a pricepoint of $175, it makes for one hell of a combo.

**Update: The latest version of this balisong trainer is the Zepher V4.5 as of May 9th, 2022.

Ever since the announcement of the Gale trainer, Svix promised to change the trainer market on the higher end too. With billet Titanium handles and an all new finish, the Gale is sure to shake up the market yet again.

JK Design


JK Design is owned and run by Julian Klein, a custom knife maker who is well known for making grail-worthy balisongs that are tailored for each customer.

He is based in Colorado and has worked on a handful of knife designs since he started.

He sells knives in a lottery style, with his solo knife, the Litetech as well as his collaboration project with Joseph M Hansen (another maker worth checking out, by the way!), the Monarch.

Julian’s knives have always had a reputation for excellence and quality, which explains why his knives are always very sought after.

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