With the holiday season fast approaching, many people may be left wondering what they can get for their special EDC enthusiast, knife nut, or outdoors person in their life. Fortunately, Knife Pivot Lube has you covered with our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

We have assembled some of the very best offerings that are sure to please, and many of our choices won’t break the bank! Each of these knives, EDC accessories, and outdoor tools have been vetted by members of the KPL team to ensure they are of the very best quality.


James Brand Palmer

Price: $59

Where to get it: The James Brand

The James Brand is known for making everyday carry knives with clean, modern designs that focus on simplicity and utility. The Palmer is no exception to this rule - it is a classy and compact utility knife that features the ability to change the internal razor blades when they become dull.

With a very attractive price tag, this is a great gift for any one who who appreciates modern designs and utilitarian tools.

Knafs Lander


Price: $58

Where to get it: Knafs & Amazon

The Lander is a compact everyday carry knife designed by Ben Peterson, and features the ability to easily change and customize the handle scales. This is a knife made by a knife enthusiast for knife enthusiasts.

Knafs allows and encourages the disassembly and reassembly of the knife without fear of voiding the warranty. This is a great choice for anyone, whether it's someone who is just getting into knives or a seasoned enthusiast.

MKM Isonzo

Price: $85-$110

Where to get it: BladeHQ and Smokey Mountain Knife Works and Amazon

The MKM Isonzo is a compact folding knife designed by Jesper Voxneaes and made from premium materials by MKM in Italy.

There are a large number of blade styles, handles materials, and colors, so you are sure to find a combination that will please the EDC enthusiast and/or knife nut in your life.

Knives By Nuge Wicket and EDN

Price: $100-$180

Where to get it: Knives by Nuge

Knives by Nuge is a custom knife maker out of New Jersey. Though he specializes in outdoor knives, the Wicket and the EDN are well-suited for everybody.

These compact neck knives start at just $100, which is an incredible value for a handmade knife.

Woods Monkey Banana Peel

Price: $115-$150

Where to get it: Woods Monkey and Amazon

The Banana Peel is one of the most intriguing and unique new knives on the market. These modular friction folders are designed to easily swap out blades and handle scales - enabling someone to keep it thin and compact for EDC, or thick-handled for some serious outdoor work. 


Price: $85-$170

Where to get it: Blade HQ and Amazon

ESEE knives are owned and designed by Randall's Adventure Training, a company well known for their survival, bushcraft, and search and rescue training. Each model has been tested in the harshest conditions and put through rigorous hard use tasks.

The ESSE 4 is a full-sized fixed blade made from tough 1095 carbon steel and has a durable blade coating to help prevent corrosion. These come in a wide variety of colors and handle materials to suit your tastes. The ESEE 4 will serve any outdoorsman or professional well and is very attractively priced.

Buck 110/112 Family of Knives

Price: $60-$150

Where to get it: Buck Knives

Buck Knives is an iconic American knife company that is known for creating the modern lock back folding knife back in the 1960’s, the Buck 110. They later released the Buck 112, which is simply a smaller version of the 110.

Today there are a number of configurations available in these knives including classic, slim, and premium modern versions. No matter which Buck knife you choose, you carry a legacy of American craftsmanship and innovation.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Price: $15-$350

Where to get it: Blade HQ and Amazon

Victorinox is another classic knife company having its origins in the 1800’s, and is regarded as the world's first multi-tool. The Swiss Army Knife is an icon in the knife community, and there are many sizes, designs, and tool configurations to choose from.

These are prized by users for the variety of tools, ease of carry, and non-threatening appearance. Collectors also value Swiss Army Knives due to the large number of designs and limited edition options.

Tactile Knives Rockwall


Price: $329

Where to get it: USA Made Blade

The Rockwall is a new knife that has made a huge splash in the Knife and EDC communities. This premium gentleman's folder is constructed from top of the line titanium handles and a Magnacut blade.

The action is absolutely wonderful and it is small and easy to carry, making it ideal for everyday work or even carrying with you to the office. For an added touch of cool factor, USA Made Blade has unique anodized options for no additional charge.


Benchmade Mini Adamas 

Price: $261

Where to get it: Blade HQ and Amazon

The Adamas has been in Benchmade's line up for quite sometime, and is one of their largest hard use folders. For those who want a hard user but something on the smaller end, Benchmade now offers the Mini Adamas, fearuring a 3.25" Cru-Wear Blade, G10 handle scales, and the famous axis lock.

This is a premium tough-as-nails folding knife that is sure to please any knife enthusiast.


EMP EDC Nymble

Price: $299-325

Where to get it: EMP EDC

The EMP Nymble family of knives are visually stunning premium EDC folding knives, featuring beautifully machined titanium handles and striking blade shapes. There are also a variety of colorful anodized options that look amazing.

The advantages of the Nymble don't end with good looks - the action is incredibly smooth and satisfying, and the blades are made from premium super steels. 


Demko Knives 20.5

Price: $150-$375

Where to get it: Knife Center and Amazon

For the last 2 years Demko knives has been one of the hottest makers in EDC folding knives. This is no surprise when we look at the unique lock designs that are functional and just plain fun.

Combine that with an ergonomic and usable design and you have a winning knife. These can often be hard to find, but if you can get one then you'll be sure to make your special EDC person very happy.


Failsafe Good Leather Wallets


Price: $55-$150

Where to get it: Failsafe Goods

Failsafe Goods' motto is "leather with character", and I must say these wallets have plenty of it! Each piece is hand made by the owner Ryan using an assortment of premium leathers, ranging from well known classic colors to some vibrant modern options. Not only do these wallets look good, they are built to last and only get better with age!


PNW Bushcraft Shop EDC Tray


Price: $45

Where to get it: PNWBUSHCRAFT

PNWBUSHCRAFT is the premiere maker of fine waxed canvas goods for the discerning outdoors person. Often using a combination of modern and vintage materials, each piece has a distinct rustic charm.

Their EDC tray is a multi-purpose item that allows you to organize your small everyday carry tools in your pocket, and can easily convert to a dump tray that can be used to store all your pocket goodies when not in your pocket.


Wazoo Cache Cap

Price: $30

Where to get it: Wazoo Gear and Amazon

Wazoo is known for making wearable EDC and survival tools that are not just functional, but look great too! The cache cap is designed to look like a standard unassuming hat, but it has a number of discrete pockets and pouches that are capable of storing an entire mini survival kit of just about anything you can think of!

This is a great gift for any outdoors person, international traveler, or anyone that simply values being prepared. 


Blackbeard Fire Starters


Price: $16-$96

Where to get it: Blackbeard Fire Starters and Amazon

Every outdoors person knows the value of being able to start a fire while in the wilderness. Although the weather is not also cooperative, luckily we have Blackbeard fire starters!

These non-toxic, American-made fire starters are designed to easily light up in the wind, rain, or snow using a match, lighter, or ferro rod. These are available for purchase individually or as part of a full kit - either way these are sure to please the outdoors person in your life.


Leatherman Multi Tools 

Price: $25-$180

Where to get it: Leatherman and Amazon

Leatherman is the most well known American mutitool maker out there, with a strong track record for function and reliability. Leatherman offers tools with a variety of purposes including everyday carry, outdoors, military, and first responders. With so much variety there is sure to be an awesome tool for that special someone in your life.


Tactile Turn Pens


Price: $99-$249

Where to get it: USA Made Blade

Tactile Turn is known for making premium writing implements from high end materials including titanium, copper, brass, and even zirconium.

Their best-selling bolt action pen has a fun and highly satisfying action that is just a joy to use, and standard click models are also available.

These pens are both classy and well built, making them ideal for EDC aficionados or anyone who appreciates a fine writing tool.


Give’r Leather Gloves


Price: $31-$139

Where to get it: Give’r

Give’r makes a variety of leather gloves suited for any season, these gloves are ideal for outdoor work, outdoor recreation, and outdoor sports. 

These leather gloves and mittens are available for men, women, and children, they also offer customized initial engraving.

These gloves will keep your hands protected and warm in even the harshest weather conditions and will most definitely stand the test of time.


Prometheus Lights Beta 

Price: $59-$175

Where to get it: Prometheus Lights and Amazon

Prometheus Lights makes high end flashlights from premium materials and top of the line components. The Beta is the smallest and most affordable in the Prometheus line, but still retains the traditions of quality and high end production.

These small lights are made from a variety of materials including copper, brass, and titanium, as well as a number of different color and finish options. These small tools offer a valuable function in a very classy package, these will be sure to please even the most discerning EDC enthusiast,


Pivot Needle

Price: $25-$40

Where to get it: Balistuff

A pivot needle is an essential maintenance tool for anyone who owns a balisong. Trying to align the blade, liners, scales, and washers perfectly can be tedious and frustrating, but this product makes balisong reassembly effortless and foolproof.

Simply put the pivot sexbolt on the pivot needle, push it through the handle, and the pivot needle aligns everything for you in one simple move!


A51 Sheath

Price: $65+

Where to get it: A51

With clips and latches becoming less and less common in modern balisongs, having something to carry these knives safely and securely is more important than ever.

The classic solution to this issue is to buy a sheath, and no one makes better bali sheaths and slips than A51. With a variety of materials, colors, and designs, you're sure to find something that fits your style.


Zippy Balisong End Caps

Price: $8

Where to get it: Zippy Balisong

Zippy Balisong makes some of the best balisong end caps on the market, partially because of how customizable they are. They come in a variety of color options (which you can mix and match), and for $1.50 extra you can get a set of 6 tungsten weights to fine-tune the balance of your bali according to your liking.

Zippy provides a list of balisongs that their end caps are compatible with, and if you have one on the list then these are a great way to fine-tune the flipping performance and protect the handles of your favorite knife or trainer.


Combat Beads Ti Stash Container and Beads

Price: $40-$130

Where to get it: Combat Beads

Combat Beads makes some if the coolest lanyard beads in the business, using awesome materials such as titanium, Ultem, Derlin, and glow polymer.

In addition to these beads they also make modular titanium stash cases that can be broken down into smaller sizes or combined with another one for more storage. These are great for storing some of your pocket EDC essentials or throwing in your bag.


Maintenance and Storage


Knife Pivot Lube Holiday Gift Box

Price: $135

Where to get it: Knife Pivot Lube

Knife Pivot Lube makes some of the best maintenance oils, lubricants, and rust protectants on the market, and this Holiday Gift Box gives you the opportunity to get your special knife lover not just one, but all of these great products.

This box even includes the pre-release for the brand new Dry Film Lubricant that is currently not available anywhere else!

If you are looking for something smaller you can check out other premium bundles or individual products as well. As a thank you to our loyal readers we are offering a discount on any KPL purchase, use code BLACKFLAG at check out for 10% off!


Work Sharp Sharpeners

Price: $8-$280

Where to get it: Work Sharp Tools

Lets face it, knives need to be sharpened to keep them working safely and efficiently. Luckily,  Work Sharp Tools has sharpeners for all skill levels, ranging from ultra portable to powered options. The portable field sharpeners are great to throw in your pocket or pack, and the larger set ups are great options to start up your home workshop!


Scout Leather Bit Drivers

Price: $65-$125

Where to get it: Scout Leather Co

Who says maintenance tools can’t look great and work great too? Scout Leather Bit Drivers definitely fit the bill. Precision machined from a number of high end materials including aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium, these stout bit drivers are as classy as they are functional. There are a number of accessories, available as well such as fine leather tool rolls and hex bit stands.


Vault Case

Price: $35-$70

Where to get it: Vault Case

Vault Case makes a variety of cases for your EDC and balisong needs! These cases have modular configurations allowing the end user to set up their perfect portable EDC setup. They even offer lockable secure cases which can be helpful for people who will be flying with their EDC and balisong knives, or who simply want additional security for their gear.


Nalpak Cases

Price: $29-$350

Where to get it: Nalpak

Do you know someone with a lot of pocket knives? Nalpak offers storage solutions for as little as 6 and as many as 84 knives! They create laser-cut foam inserts for popular case brands such as Pelican, and sell them separately or as a package. As someone with a lot of folding knives I can personally attest that this was a game changer for me.


What do you think of our gift guide? Comment down below what you'll be buying for the knife nut in your life this year, even if that knife nut is yourself!

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With the holiday season fast approaching, many people may be left wondering what they can get for their special EDC enthusiast, knife nut, or outdoors person in thei...

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