The flipper's list of balisong makers and models

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*Please note that this list does not include clones, or any balisongs that are still in the design or prototype phase.


Maker Model Live/Trainer/Both
29 Knives Custom Line Live
Area 51 Pluto Live
Atropos Alita Live
Atropos Angel Live, DE
Atropos Bali-North Live
Atropos Balisword Demon Live
Atropos Balisword Gladius Live, DE
Atropos Balrog Live
Atropos Cassowary Live
Atropos CSGO Live
Atropos Demon Both
Atropos Devil Live
Atropos Falcon's claw Live
Atropos Faust Live
Atropos Fortress 2 SPY Both
Atropos Gladius Live, DE
Atropos Joker HL Live
Atropos Kaiju Live
Atropos Kali's Mercy Live
Atropos Kirat Live
Atropos Kratos Live
Atropos Kris Live
Atropos Moria Live
Atropos Pirat lite Live
Atropos Poker Star Trainer
Atropos Razor lite Live
Atropos Smoke Live
Atropos Striker Live
B.A.Balis Seigaiha Both
Bali_Knives Telesto Live
Balibalistic Hammerhead Live
BBBarfly OG Trainer
BBBarfly Pro Trainer
BBBarfly Firefly Trainer
Bear and Son 14 Live
Bear and Son 17 Live
Bear and Son 113 Both
Bear and Son 114 Both
Bear and Son 115 Both
Bear and Son 517 Live
Bear and Son Bear Song Series Both
Benchmade 32 Morpho Live
Benchmade 4x Series Live
Benchmade 51 Morpho Live
Benchmade 6x Series Both
Benchmade 8x Series Live
Benchmark BM Series Both
Benson Blades Planarian Live
Biegler Blades Archon Live
Biegler Blades Corsair Live
Biegler Blades Rockstyle Live
Biegler Blades Stinkfinger Live
BiteBlades Titan Trainer
Black Balisong Da Purge Live
Black Balisong Reaper Live
Black Balisong Rebola Live
Black Balisong Valkiria Live
Black Balisong Xolo Live
Böker Plus Balisong Trainer Trainer
Böker Plus G10 Live
Böker Plus Papillon Both
Böker Plus Tactical Live
Bradley Cutlery Co. Kimura Series Live
Brous Blades B3 Live
Brous Blades BlackCELL Live
Bladerunners Systems Alpha Beast Live
Bladerunners Systems Barebones Both
Bladerunners Systems Hybrid Replicant Live
Bladerunners Systems Replicant Live
Canto Group Angler Trainer
Ceroni Knives Integralis Live
Ceroni Knives Ti-Tracker Both
Ceroni Knives Trinidad Scorpion Live
ChrisBFlippin Nightmare Trainer
Cold Steel Arc Angel Live
Cold Steel FGX Live
DCB Genesis Live
Deimos Knives Cerberus Trainer
Dogbite Knives Dogbite Live
ELB Mamba Live
ELB Proflipper Live
Eldon Talley Talisong Live
Eldon Talley Talisong Z Both
Emerson Knives Bali-7 Live
Emerson Knives Bali-Commander Live
Emerson Knives Bali-Longhorse Live
EOS Serpent Live
EOS Trident Live
EPS Knives Atlas Live
Fellowship Blades Medusa Both
Fellowship Blades Pit Viper Both
Fiore Bayo Live
Fiore Bowie Live
Fiore Dagger Live
Fiore Logan Live
Fiore Tanto Live
Fiore Trainer Trainer
Flytanium Talisong Z Both
Geof Dumas Ex Series Live
Glidrco Arctic Trainer
Glidrco Antarctic Trainer
Glidrco Original Trainer
Glidrco Sahara Trainer
GP Blades Custom Both
Green Blades Nera Trainer
Gyration First Series Trainer
Hammer Designs Chaos Live
Hansen Metals Monarch Live
Hansen Metals Solo Live
Hazetac Devil Live
Heed Industries SeaKnight Live
Heed Industries Relentless Live
Heibel Knives Menace Live
Heibel Knives Sapient Live
Heibel Knives Valor Live
Hinderer Knives Nieves Live
Hom Design Arashi Live
Hom Design Basilisk Live
Hom Design Chimera Live
Hom Design Maelstrom Live
Hom Design Prodigy Trainer
Hom Design Rhapsody Trainer
Hom Design Specter Live
Hom Design Taranis Live
Hom Design Tempest Live Huzky Trainer Trainer
Hypex Graviton Live
Hypex Hypex Trainer Trainer
Indiana John MBT Live
Jack_lpmtb Lotus Trainer
Jimpy Designs Sentinel Live
JK Design Embargo Live
JK Design Emissary Both
JK Design LiteTech Live
JK Design Monarch Live
JK Design Orca Both
JlyonsKnives Hellcat Live
JW Knives Magnet Live
KCX One Winged Angel Live
KCX T800 Live
KCX V-Trigger Live
Kershaw Lucha Both
Lanier Knives SL Live
Ldy_balisong Sirius Trainer
Ldy_balisong Vixen Both
Log Design Jian Trainer
MachineWise FifT Live
MachineWise Maryn Live
MachineWise Maryn Lite Live
MachineWise Prysma Trainer
MachineWise Serif Live
MachineWise SixT Live
MachineWise SlifT Live
Mantis Bladeworks Thistle Live
Maverick Customs VMX Live
Maxace Apostle Live
Maxace Banshee Both
Maxace Covenant Live
Maxace DMG Both
Maxace Gauss Live
Maxace Loran Both
Maxace Scorpius Both
Maxace Serpent Striker Both
Maxace Shi Live
Maxace Obsidian Live
Maxace Pelican Live
Maxace Petrel Live
Maxace Unicorn Live
Miii Knives Verdict Live
Microtech Tachyon Live
Mxnium Raid Both
Mxnium Swordfish Trainer
Nathan Dewey Deviant Live
Nathan Dewey Gremlin Live
NDK Arts Oni Live
NDK Arts (P)oni Trainer
Nolobb Chioni Trainer
NRB Doosh Live
NRB Nemesis Trainer
NRB Konig Live
NRB Outcast Live
NRB Trapcode Live
NRB Vortex Trainer
OOAK Forge Megasong Live
OOAK Forge Triclad Series Live
OSP Matrix Live
Owl Balisong Prototype Run Live
Palethius BC Live
Palethius Bowie Live
Palethius Industrial Live
Palethius Revolution Both
Palethius Backline Live
Pinoy Knife Fat Lady Live
Pinoy Knife Five of Diamonds Live
Protech Flyfather Live
Ryworx GA Live
Ryworx Konohishi Live
Ryworx Omeme Live
Ryworx Setsuna Live
Snody Knives Highroller Live
Spasmfingers Heron Trainer
Spasmfingers Grosbeak Trainer
Spyderco BaliYo Trainer
Spyderco Smallfly Live
Spyderco Spyderfly Live
Spyderco Szabofly Live
Squid Industries Krake Raken Both
Squid Industries Mako Trainer
Squid Industries Nautilus Trainer
Squid Industries Squid Trainer Trainer
Squid Industries Squiddy Trainer
Squid Industries Trident Trainer
Squid Industries Triton Trainer
Squid Industries Tsunami Live
Static Knives Icarus Live
Stitched Steel Alien Live
Stitched Steel Paradigm Live
SvixCo Gale Trainer
SvixCo Terra Trainer
SvixCo Zephyr Trainer
Syco Bladeworks 5150 Live
Syco Bladeworks Hysteria Live
Tay Flipper Tay Flipper Trainer
Taylormaniaknives Solidsong Live
TOA Poseidon Both
Turbo Jackelope PDN Live
Vallotton Custom Knives VMX Live
Vantac Knives Speeder Live
WB Concept Gigas Live
Zippy Balisong Cycloid Trainer
Zippy Balisong Zipper Trainer


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Patrick Storey said:

Hi, I am searching for a Balisong from the mid 20th century for a movie I am working on.
Any leads for where I can find one is appreciated!

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