Knife Box Moisture & Humidity Remover

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Turn Your Knife Storage Box into a RUST FREE ZONE™!

Enclosed spaces like knife storage boxes and drawers can build up moisture, especially in humid environments leading to rust spots, corrosion, and tarnish over extended periods.

Knife Pivot Lube (KPL) moisture removers and sized to fit perfectly into one of the slots in your knife box, where its grate openings allow moisture to be absorbed through the cage.

Knife Pivot Lube moisture removers enclose thousands of small beads of amorphous, porous silicon dioxide (silica gel) with an incredible affinity for gobbling up moisture.  Their thirst for water is so great that they will suck it right out of the air!  In a tightly enclosed space like a knife box or drawer they are capable of reducing humidity levels to 10% relative humidity or lower, making it nearly impossible for rust or corrosion to set in, especially when paired with our Rust Prevention Strips!

Each remover holds a massive 40 grams of desiccant, enough to keep a knife box dry for up to 1 year depending on opening frequency and your environment.

Best of all, the moisture removing beads include color indicators.  When your beads are 50% saturated the indicating beads turn green, telling you that its time for a recharge.

Recharge beads by dumping them into an oven safe bowl and baking at 200°F for 3 hours. Once cooled, replace beads into cage and re-insert into storage location.

*Do not store natural handle materials (wood, bone, horn, ivory) with dessicants as some humidity is required to keep these materials from shrinking/warping.

This product is unavailable

• Content: 40G Silicon Dioxide Dessicant
• Dessicant Type - Orange/Green indicating
• Non-Toxic
• Rechargeable

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